Legos Bring Kids Together – Eternally Grateful For Legos

A local father to a boy who used to go to the same school as my daughter dropped me a message on Facebook asking if my boys liked Legos. Of course my reply was, “yes they do!”. Later that day, to my surprise, the local friend dropped off this gigantic tote of Legos. I honestly am amazed at how many kind, thoughtful families there are in my town. This particular man and his wife are absolutely sweet, they both are friends with me on Facebook and I admire them lots! I am now eternally grateful to them because dropping these Legos off meant more than just items for us! Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

I honestly had to pick my jaw up off of the ground when he arrived to hand me this huge tote of Legos. This is a lot of Legos. These were dropped off on a weekend when no kids were here, I couldn’t wait for Monday after school to arrive so that my three children could see the amount of Legos we received. Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

I knew that my boys would be over the moon happy but what I didn’t realize is how happy my daughter would be. We have quite a few Lego sets around here but none that are geared towards girls, all themes are Star Wars or other Shark Type themes for the boys. It seems very few times does anyone think to buy Girl Theme Legos, but see I didn’t realize up until this past Christmas Season that my daughter even wanted Girl Lego Themed Items. Well, girl theme or not, apparently having this gigantic bucket of Lego’s made her day too! Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

All three of my kids have never, ever played so nicely … okay except the times they are playing the MineCraft Demo on PS3. This is more than just a video game though, Legos have brought my children together to use their imagination and creativity in a way that no video game can compare to. Legos Bringin Kids together for Ages

Nothing makes me smile more than watching my three children work together to play Ninja games with the Legos we received. I am so happy that we received such a kind gift because it really has brought our whole household together for fun days and evenings. Thank you to the Family who gave us this Lego supply, we appreciate you!

Post Launches Sesame Street Cereal – A is for Apple

Free Product

Today I am sharing with you a fun cereal for little ones recently launched by Post. In all honesty my big kids have even taken this cereal along to school in a sandwich bag for snack, so it’s great for big kids too.


B is for Banana and C is for cereal, two perfectly delicious cereal options for your little ones that also have a fun, colorful box to encourage your little ones interest in eating such cereal. Post really nailed their art for this cereal box, even I am drawn to it in the stores.

Post Sesame Street Cereal

As a way to help you all enjoy a taste test of this cereal Post is offering a $1 off coupon on the Post Sesame Street Cereal Facebook Page, simply like their page and get that coupon so that you can try this cereal that my kids have enjoyed not only as breakfast but as a snack in place of sugary chocolate sweets.

Have you seen this cereal in the cereal aisle at your grocery store? Have you tried it yet?

I Met My Love Online: Crystal and David’s Love Story

Today I am sharing a lovely story of two people who met on AOL personals, but by complete accident as Crystal was online trying to help a friend find a guy. When Crystal happened upon David’s ad she thought he was cute and upon being dared by her friend to contact him, she did.

After a month of talking online and over the phone Crystal met David in person. Living about forty-five minutes away from each other the meet was an easy commute. Within nine months they had started planning their wedding, when they found out a nice surprise – they were pregnant! Five months later they were wed and the rest is history!

Since becoming pregnant with their first born, Crystal and David have welcomed another child into their family and are celebrating 13 years together, 12 years of which they have been married.

When I asked if David is the romantic type and what is the most romantic thing he has ever done, Crystal replied, “He is always surprising me with cards or flowers or little gifts/trinkets.  His  timing is always right and he gives me a little pick me up card or gift (sometimes even cooking my favorite foods!) when I am feeling down or just need to smile.  He’s awesome that way!”

This is a true love story based on a simple dare between friends. Ah, I can feel the love in the air.

Be sure to check out what Crystal and David do in their “spare” time to help save the lives of rescued dogs at FurKid Fosters.

Do You Let Your Sons Play with Dolls or Barbies?

Growing up I loved Barbies and I wish I had all of the collection I had back then for my daughter to enjoy but alas I don’t have that collection because I handed them down to my aunt and uncle for their children back in the day. My daughter has slowly worked on increasing her Barbie collection, but she has no other little girls to play with on a regular basis. Enter my two sons, they have grown up playing Barbies with their sister, granted usually this means that they hang the Barbie and/or Ken dolls by their feet, undress them and upset sissy by having her Barbies naked or just run off stealing most of her Barbies and hiding them.

For the most part my two sons love playing Barbies just as much as they love playing with their matchbox cars. Is this wrong? I say not. I honestly don’t have some phobia with my sons exploring whatever they see fit, dress up, playing with dolls, or playing house.  Some may feel having boys play with Barbies is a bad thing, because they are to grow up to be MEN, big strong, STERN men. Why can’t a young child who played with dolls or Barbies growing up turn into a big strong man? They can. I have seen it, and without setting examples, I do have first hand knowledge that boys playing with dolls at a young age does no harm at all, especially in my situation where the boys have a big sister that they look up to and want to interact with.

So, would you let your son play with dolls? Why or why not? Enlighten me.

There is a Legoland Kids

I have heard of Legoland before and even saw some bloggers who visited but me, nope I haven’t ever there. I totally would love to and I know my children would have a blast! Right now there is a cool resort vacation special going on for $71 for 2 tickets to Legoland and Resort Lodging. Retail: $276, You Save 74%. Are you kidding me? My family could go for a real low price and that my friends sounds amazing, too bad we don’t have the time to travel right now.

Lego Land resort vacation special includes:

  • 2 Days & 1 Night at the Pala Mesa Golf Resort
  • Luxury Resort Lodging for 2 People
  • 2 Tickets to Legoland
  • Platinum Fun Discount Card
  • Upgrades and Additional Nights Available Upon Request

Oh my gosh people, why can’t I get to Legoland now?! I want to go! Seriously! Have you been one of the lucky family’s who were able to get a sneak peek of this place? If so, please tell me about your experience!

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