While Sitting on the Rug, Waiting for The Youngest to Sleep

While sitting on the rug waiting for my monkey of the bunch, yes that would be K-monster, to fall asleep I am found analyzing the rug. You see, what else can I possibly do to keep myself awake while sitting in frustration that my almost five year old will not just fall asleep like his brother once he hits the pillow?!

We went from having mostly wood floors to having a nearly fully carpeted house, that means the boys were first and foremost excited to have “squishy” carpet floor for their bedroom and I was excited to be able to walk barefoot without fear of getting a sliver from any of the unfinished wooden floors in the previous home I lived in. Carpet is carpet though, it’s comfy to walk on and squishy as the boys call it, but it requires cleaning that is more time consuming than wooden floors, in my opinion.

You see, as much as our carpeted house is clean, I still long to have a professional rug cleaning done because who knows if there were other animals in the home or what was spilled on the floor here or there. I just always wanted to have a fully cleaned home prior to move in but that wasn’t our luxury this time around. I still can order a professional rug cleaning if I could afford it. Maybe I will place rug cleaning on my Christmas wish list this year, alongside my first spa visit. Hey, we can all wish for things from time to time, right?!

Having Clean Carpets Brings Me Joy

I run a pretty decent looking household, meaning I have the more “lived in” look versus the actual “spectacular spotless” type environment. Having three kids and a work from home business to run means that some chores such as dusting or vacuuming as often as I should are put on the back burner.  As I sit and stare at the floors and dream of having nice clean carpets that were professionally cleaned from carpet cleaning nyc I have to remind myself that no matter how lived in my home appears, that it is sanitary. Having quality time with my kids is much more important to me than wasting the precious time I have with them cleaning my house to be spick n span.

I would personally much rather higher someone to do my carpet cleaning and household chores such as dusting and mopping than take the hours of time to get it all done in a one day weekend. Carpets always smell and look so amazing after they have been professionally cleaned. I recall seeing my relatives carpets after they got them professionally cleaned and I was just in awe over the difference between an average person doing the carpet cleaning to using a carpet cleaning service.

Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Combination Giveaway

I am in love with my Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Combination because it makes cleaning toilet easier and the caddy? Well the caddy makes for easy grab and place back of your toilet bowl brush where as in the past I was fighting with it or company could see the bucket it sat in, creating more cleaning because you don’t want a nasty looking toilet bowl brush bucket sitting by the toilet.

The toilet gets cleaned more often now that I have this toilet bowl brush and it works wonderful. I wrote earlier in the week about my sons who have awful aim when it comes to peeing in the toilet, so grabbing the spray and the brush has never been easier. CleanItSupply really has a wide range of products to help make my bathroom cleaning and household cleaning projects so much simpler.

The green and white color looks great too! I have never been happier about a simple toilet bowl brush in my life, seriously.

Today I get to offer three random people to win but all can enter for a chance. Using the Rafflecopter form below you can enter to win your own Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Combination to have in your bathroom! I tell you, cleaning will be easier with this fantastic toilet bowl brush and caddy combination.

Winners will be selected by random based on those who used the form below to enter. Giveaway is open to US. Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on September 30, 2012.  Winners have 48 hours to claim prize, if not, new winner(s) will be selected at random.

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Disclosure: I received this product for free. All stories and opinions are that of my own.

Libman Grout and Tile Scrubbing Brush, Rubber Grip Giveaway

Get ready to have fun cleaning your bathroom, again, okay maybe for the first time ever with Libman Grout and Tile Scrubbing Brush, Rubber Grip! I have been busy trying to keep my bathroom clean and my daughter the shower clean with these new products.

The reason I say my daughter has been busy with shower cleaning is because she loves to clean the shower. Blasting tunes using Pandora.com or her MP3 player, she rolls up her pant legs and her sleeves grabbing the Libman Grout and Tile Scrubbing Brush, Rubber Grip and get busy spraying to scrub that shower clean. This along with the Libman Power Scrubbing Brush w/ Grip Handle that makes it easier for her to reach those high places to ensure our shower has been scrub brushed to sparkling clean.

We usually have a pretty clean shower, but that toilet? Oh my goodness – having two sons who apparently have zero aim when it comes to getting their urine in the toilet makes for a horrible bathroom that needs to be cleaned 24/7 in order to ensure our toilet isn’t stinky. I love boys, really. I swear! That is another story for another giveaway post anyways!

Today I want to offer THREE, yes 3, lucky people who enter for a chance to win below to be chosen randomly to win both products shown in pictures above. Three people from the US will be randomly selected, you can enter using the Rafflecopter form below until 12:01am EST on September 27, 2012. This giveaway is coming to you thanks to CleanItSupply where they have a wide range of janitorial supplies for every cleaning persons desire.

Winner(s) have 48 hours to claim prize or another winner will be chosen randomly.

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Disclosure: I received both products referenced in this post for free. All opinions and personal stories that of my own.

Not Just Another Time Saving Parenting Post

Any parent can tell you how much work goes into raising children. Having a career and raising a family are both time consuming and take a lot of energy. Any steps that you can take to save time should be considered. I know there are a million sites out there, telling you to do this or that, but the following tips are tried and true for me- and I’m a single mom!

Simple tasks like grocery shopping may need to be done multiple times per week- but you can save hours through the grocery delivery services that more and more stores are using. You choose the items that you want and place them in your “cart.” When you’re done you pay via credit card and set your delivery time.  If you are constantly feeling pressed for time here are a few ideas that can help you and your mate delegate duties and save time:

Take turns

I’m a single mom, and after work I have to go pick up my son from the babysitter five days a week. The traffic is bad during rush hour and sometimes my personal training sessions run a few minutes over because certain clients need more time than others. So I’m constantly rushing to get him and trying to avoid the traffic. If I had the ability to alternate days with someone, I would be able to relax some afternoons and not have to face that commute. I could go home and start cooking dinner earlier.

Since I don’t have that option I have come up with an alternative way to free up time to rest after picking my son up. On Sundays I don’t work; so I use that evening to prepare meals for the rest of the week. I make big pots of vegetables and I’ll bake an entire chicken or pot roast. We eat that night and put the rest up in containers. During the week I make sandwiches from the leftover meat or just make a couple of side dishes to go with it. Not having to prep an entire meal every night has saved me about an hour or more per day.


Having a financial advisor or hiring someone to help you file taxes and plan for the future is helpful and saves time. In the long run it can also save you a lot of money. Making mistakes on your tax paperwork can force you to pay money back to the government instead of getting a check. Filling out the paperwork and going over receipts and things like that is pretty time consuming too. Having a trained expert can alleviate that stress, and having someone to help you make smart investments can help your family’s financial future.

Around the home

Let’s be honest with this one, cleaning up the house is not a fun thing to do but it has to be done. The responsibility of that should not fall on one person, or else it would take an entire day up depending on the size of the house. But if you are a single parent of a young child, you really don’t have much of a choice. One thing that I do is take a few minutes daily to do some light cleaning around the house to avoid buildup and the need to dedicate large chunks of time to cleaning up.

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