How to keep your car clean and organised when you have kids

If your car is anything like mine, then it’s very much an extension of your home and most likely filled with kids colouring books, empty sweet wrappers and a heap of clothes and shoes (amongst other things). 

In spite of religiously taking my trusty motor to be cleaned once a month, inevitably by the end of the first week ‘post clean’ it’s back to it’s usual grubby, unorganised state leaving me wondering how on earth it happens.  I am definitely blaming the kids!

However, it doesn’t have to be this way and with just a little organisation and effort from you and your family, it is entirely possible to create a clean driving haven that you’ll be proud to get into. In fact, it’s almost as easy to keep you car clean and organized, as it is to get quick car insurance quotes online nowadays!

Here are five top tips to help turn your car from grimy to shiny:

If you bring it in, you take it out!

A simple tip for ensuring your car remains clothing and clutter free is to introduce the above rule and stick to it.  My kids now know that if they insist on bringing all their soft toys with them for the journey, they won’t be allowed back into the house unless they bring them all out of the car again when we’ve returned.

It sounds harsh, but sticking to this mantra will help keep your car tidy and organised as well as teaching your children valuable lessons about responsibility.

The same rules apply to older kids, husbands, wives, partners…and even you!

Bag it up

Keep a good supply of empty plastic bags in the glove compartment.  Use them in the following situations:

  • Put trash into
  • Wrap around wet umbrellas
  • Chuck muddy wellies into
  • When someone feels/is sick
  • Put soiled clothes into

Emergency kit

Fill a large plastic or metal box with a few in-car essentials, which can then be stored in the trunk or glove box.  This could include antibacterial hand gel, safety pins, wet wipes, tissues, loose change for car parks and sun lotion. For more information on the importance of being safe in the sun, read here.  This will avoid your car and handbag getting cluttered up and ensure you have a good stash of basic essentials to hand at all times.

Invest in a hand held vacuum cleaner

The secret to maintaining a spotless car is to clean just a little bit every day.  A battery powered hand held vacuum cleaner makes it easy to give your vehicle a quick regular hoover.

You’ll find that by routinely spending 5 minutes hoovering every other day or so, you’ll very rarely need to spend hours doing it and it will become much less of a chore.

Clean up spills immediately

As all parents know it is inevitable that from time to time something will be spilled onto the interior of your car.  Sippy cups tip over and coffee cups drip.  Whilst it’s not the end of the world, if liquid spills aren’t cleaned up quickly the liquid will soak into the fabric resulting in stained, grubby looking upholstery and an unpleasant smell – milk is the worst for this.

Dab the spill with a damp cloth to absorb as much of the liquid as possible, spray a little upholstery cleaner onto the spill and then scrub it with a dry cloth or gentle scrubbing brush before finally rubbing gently with a damp wash cloth to soak away any residue.

The area should dry quickly without any lasting evidence or staining.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

And this is why Weekends With my Kids ROCK

After a long, hard week of running around to get kids to school then home from school the meetings and appointments on top of working from my home office, the weekend with the kids is what I look forward to. Spending time with my cute little man K who enjoys calling me Cutie and Princess more often than Mama. Spending time with my oldest who is a tween now and so much like me that I have to stop and think before speaking; she has grown up too fast, and is already nearing my height. My middle son, A-man is rocking the house lately with his super loving, affectionate side and telling jokes while tossing his head back in laughter. I love them.

My Little Man

K-man keeps us on our toes with his high energy and non stop jokes.


Adorable Sons

A-man keeps us wondering what is next with his silly jokes that he finds hilarious and his nonstop affectionate side.

Beautiful daughter

And the lovely Miss Ki keeps us on our toes as well never knowing what she is going to do next….

My kids are amazingly fun to be around. High energy. Happiness. Bubbly. And that is just like me, wouldn’t expect them to be anything but all of that :-)

Happy Weekend my friends!

Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Combination Giveaway

I am in love with my Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Combination because it makes cleaning toilet easier and the caddy? Well the caddy makes for easy grab and place back of your toilet bowl brush where as in the past I was fighting with it or company could see the bucket it sat in, creating more cleaning because you don’t want a nasty looking toilet bowl brush bucket sitting by the toilet.

The toilet gets cleaned more often now that I have this toilet bowl brush and it works wonderful. I wrote earlier in the week about my sons who have awful aim when it comes to peeing in the toilet, so grabbing the spray and the brush has never been easier. CleanItSupply really has a wide range of products to help make my bathroom cleaning and household cleaning projects so much simpler.

The green and white color looks great too! I have never been happier about a simple toilet bowl brush in my life, seriously.

Today I get to offer three random people to win but all can enter for a chance. Using the Rafflecopter form below you can enter to win your own Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy Combination to have in your bathroom! I tell you, cleaning will be easier with this fantastic toilet bowl brush and caddy combination.

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