Stocking Stuffer Idea from GradSave @gradsave

Are you ready for a cute stocking stuffer idea?

Stuff a stocking and ensure a future? Sort of catchy, right? Well as a Mom of three it is. With three kids to think “college” for, I know I have to start getting smart about saving for college tuition because at least one of the three will end up in a college of some sort.  At least I hope.

My little ones will be big ones some day heading off asking me to pay that lovely bill so they can further their education and become whatever it is their heart desires. That is why I absolutely love and stand behind GradSave 100%. The cool thing is that you can now choose to get your GradSave College Savings Gift Card via digital gift code or gift card by mail. What a cute stocking stuffer idea, now maybe your little one won’t know what the card is for, but I know my little ones think having a “credit card” aka gift card, is just the same as what Mama uses in the stores.

To think of your kids opening up their stocking and having a “credit card” found within it, of course they will think they can go spend it, but you will have to explain to them that it’s savings for when they are older. Place it in a secret treasure place, such as a lock box within your home with your child. Make a cute game out of it, and know that you are doing a great thing by starting to invest in your child’s future. Heck, this could even be a yearly tradition or a tradition for each birthday as well as Christmas.

I also want to share with you another awesome thing that GradSave has going on, their $10,000 Scholarship Sweepstakes, simply fill out a form on the GradSave Scholarship Sweepstakes page and be entered for a chance to win $10,000 towards your child’s future! That sweepstakes ends on December 31, 2012. It is open to US minus Rhode Island.

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Post-It

If you are last minute with stocking stuffers like me then here are some ideas from the Post-It brand that may just help you find ease in the last minute stocking stuffer shopping.

This holiday season, the Post-it Brand has the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer for anyone on your list with the Post-it Personalized Note Collection.

Post-it Personalized Notes come in over 3,000 different styles that can be customized to feature names, businesses, addresses and much more. Help friends and loved ones get organized in the New Year with the Post-it Personalized Note Collection.

Not looking for last minute stocking stuffers?

The Post-it Personalized Note Collection is great all year round for gifts for teacher, friends and family. I personally am a Post-it addict and so is my daughter. The thing we tend to use our post-it notes for is letters to each other; from night time letters of what color night light my daughter wants on to my sweet good morning notes on her dresser, we use post-it to share our love for each other in sweet notes.

Check out Post-it Personalized notes today!

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