New Hampshire Motor Speedway Gift of Lights #giftoflights #NH

The family packed up the van and headed out to enjoy The Gift of Lights at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway a few weekends ago. I was so happy when a friend posted pictures from when she visited in past years The Gift of Lights in Texas. Never had I heard of The Gift of Lights being in New Hampshire, so once I saw that it was, we knew we had to take our children there.


We all love Christmas Lights so much and this Gift of Lights event is happening through January 5, 2014. There’s still time to go check out the Gift of Lights, only $20 per car.


You drive along looking at all of the spectacular lights and even go through the super cute, Tunnel of Lights. After you are done checking out the Gift of Lights, the kids can get their picture taken with Santa. Purchase a picture for $5 or take one of your own. I love that they let you have the option to take your own picture, but we paid the $5 to have the photo printed by the staff there.


It was just our daughters who chose to have their pictures taken with Santa; the boys were all set on the idea. Once done with Santa, we headed outside to go have free smores (Sponsored by Hannafords) …


For more information about NH Motor Speedway Gift of Lights Event, click here.


Tis the Season for Christmas Lights and I am Excited

What is the one thing that makes me smile during the Christmas season? Well Christmas lights of course. My daughter and I work hard together based on budget and our likes for the specific year to create a masterpiece on our home. From lights around the deck to Christmas lights across the eaves of the home, we do all we can afford to do every Christmas Season.

Home of Christmas Spirit Cornish NH

Each year we also go to visit The Home of Christmas Spirit in Cornish, NH where a family is all dressed up as elves, Mrs Claus and Santa. It’s a wonderful display of Christmas lights for everyone to enjoy with a hot cup of cocoa and snacks. Every year we donate our change into their donation bucket because we want this display of Christmas spirit to never go away, it’s a family tradition! With that being said, I am sure doing such a huge display costs a lot of money and that is why, about this time of year, I start searching online for great deals for Christmas lights. There is a website that offers all sorts of Christmas decor and lights, that website is They have a sale for Veteran’s Day weekend going on right now too, so I am surfing to see what I can find for deals.

The best thing about Christmas to us is really that spirit of Christmas, it’s what keeps Santa’s sleigh bringing gifts for all of the children all over the world and it’s what warms the heart of my family and others. Displaying Christmas lights outside of your home, or even inside, keeps the spirit alive every single Christmas season. There was one year that I was unable to afford to do a whole lot of lighting outside, but that didn’t keep us from place at least one set of lights up outside. There is no better feeling than driving into your driveway, after dark, and being warmed with the welcoming of Christmas lights shining brightly.

Living in my Shoes with Three Kiddos

I much prefer living my life with an open mind, sense of humor and ability to laugh at the most frustrating situations. For instance, when my kids received a product in the mail and the youngest decided it would be really cool to hide the toy? And later on that evening the oldest finally found said toy that we had looked for ALL damn day … in the freezer? Did I get upset? Did I cry? Did I yell? Nope …. my oldest and I laughed so hard we couldn’t stop.

Earlier on that same day when I had to pick up one child each every hour, did I freak out because I was going to be using up tons of gas? Did I get upset because I had to grab the youngest first, who mind you, doesn’t care too much for running around with Mama. I take that back, he loves running away from Mama.  Yeah, that is how Tuesdays go. Mostly every other Tuesday when the oldest is with me not her Dad that particular Tuesday. It’s school, art class and reading event pick ups every hour. Fun.

Since Tuesday was so crazy, I just had to zone out and what better way to zone out than to drive to another town where this whole little area decorates with Christmas lights? Sure, zone out on lights. While driving, with three kids. Sounds perfect. Total fun, for reals! Between enjoying the lights and laughing, I got snapped at out of the blue by my oldest, why? I am not quite sure, if you figure that one out please enlighten me. I am loving this tween hormonal changes age, for reals. Each day I never know which moment I will have laughter OR head ripped off for saying something wrong. That is the life of living with my oldest, a tween girl. Lovely.

While in the car, driving to the lights my youngest decided that having loud as you can put it music is the new cool thing. But my music sucks, and it’s not yelling music. Apparently the little one much prefers his Dad’s loud yelling music over my soft, sweet, dancing/R&B or country music. Some probably can’t blame the kid, but me? I am sad he doesn’t enjoy my music as much anymore. While listening to this lovely music, the daughter & I start singing out to one of our favorite Miranda Lambert songs when the little one pipes up “shake that bubble butt”. Seriously? Now if you could have seen the daughters face when this kid said that? It was priceless. I cracked up laughing so hard!

Don’t worry, your little brother was not telling you that you have a bubble butt, apparently it’s something from a Spongebob episode. Now why is Spongebob becoming something that is a huge influence in my household lately? That is another thing that baffles me. The youngest said that the Santa Claus at Walmart was an imposter and here I am wondering how this four year old learned such a word and having a proud Mom moment when his brother informs me that Spongebob said it. Sigh. At least the four year old knew that imposter meant fake, that is one plus!

I juggle, I laugh, I cringe, I cry and I move on. Each day is lived to the fullest and I live to never regret one moment, for every moment lived is another moment learned from. I love my life and I hope you all love yours too!

The kids and I have the perfect balance of motherly respect, love and friendship. I wouldn’t change that for anything, so if you want to take a walk in my shoes? Read this blog daily, subscribe to get email or RSS updates!

Longing to Entertain for Christmas With Family

I haven’t ever really been a hostess, dealing with social anxiety and major issues with being painfully shy most of my late teen and early adult years entertaining a house full of guests or even attending such an event seemed painful to me. Now that I am am mother of three children and have worked on changing my attitude towards not only myself but towards others and worked to reduce my social anxiety disorder without medication I am ready to start entertaining guests.

If I were to have a chance to host a Christmas get together I would want to have the whole neighborhood invited along with family and the handful of local friends I have here in New Hampshire. My daughter and I would bake cookies, create some Ragu special dishes for meals and come up with fun decor to get the house all festive for the occasion.

One of my dreams is to have more friends and be more close to the community here locally. Each year when Christmas time comes around my small town puts up banners, lights up a Christmas tree on the town common and even has Christmas lights all over the town. Driving through town on a December evening makes for cheerful times, listening to my three munchkins yelling in unison “Christmas lights” and again “Christmas lights” each time we pass another set of beautiful lights in town makes my heart warm.

Some day I will entertain a house full of guests, but I may just have to wait til my children are adults and I have become the home away from home for the munchkins and their families. For now, I just spend Christmas holiday with the munchkins and hold onto the longing to entertain for Christmas with family and guests.

Do you entertain guests for Christmas? What do you love most about hosting family and friends during the holiday season?

This post is being sponsored by Juice in the City. Juice in the City’s mission is to support local businesses and women in the workforce. I received compensation for my story today, but all opinions are my own. Sign up today for the latest crazy-good, mom-friendly deals today!

Old Candy Canes on Christmas Tree Leaves Three Year Old Pouting

Every year I put the same candy canes on the Christmas tree, it was something I remember as a kid doing and well it is sort of something I decided to start doing. Since one year Ki and I put a whole box of like 12 count big candy canes on the tree and I knew she wasn’t going to be eating them all, we stuck them in the Christmas tote and have pulled them out year after year to decorate the tree.

Ever since the boys were born I debate whether or not I will put the old candy canes on the Christmas tree, because after all it is a tease to see candy canes, but not be able to eat them. I believe I skipped the candy canes last year for fear Baby K would try to chew em up, and they are extremely old. This year I debated and the kids voted that we put them on and K agreed that he wouldn’t try to eat them.

I was upstairs and K ran downstairs yesterday, thinking he was being all sneaky. I knew he was up to 1 of 2 things….. 1) Trying to plug in Christmas lights or 2) Attempting to sneak a candy cane. I was correct on both accounts, I was downstairs shortly behind him because I know better than to leave this child unattended and he was attempting to visit the outlet with the plug for lights, no he wasn’t trying to plug it in .. yet. I knew better and was downstairs close enough behind him so that all he could do was grab the plug on the tree. Once he saw me and I said “NO” loud and explained why he can’t touch electrical plugs, he ran for a candy cane, grabbed it and booked it across the way to his bedroom.

Lucky for him this Mama is quick, yes even sick I am slightly quick, and I ran to him and managed to save the candy cane and K’s stomach from having eaten an extremely old candy cane. Do they really make you sick I wonder? Not willing to find out, that boy is miserable when sick.  So I saved the child from his curiosity with electricity and I saved the candy cane for the tree. One would think this is a great ending to the story, right?

No. There sat K on the floor with a big, huge POUT.

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