5 gift ideas for daughters of all ages

Daughters have a tendency to grow into young women all too soon. While they will always be your little girl, dolls and cuddly toys quickly come off the gift wish list to be replaced by clothes, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics.

Is your little girl starting to grow up? If she is and you are stuck for ideas about what to buy her for Christmas this year then you might like to consider these ideas:

  1. Charm bracelet – a great choice for of all ages. For younger girls the sterling silver charm bracelet from the Little Wishes collection will make the perfect gift. The beautiful bracelet will hold any of the lovely charms like the Silver Ballet Shoes, Silver Ice Cream, Silver Bumblebee and Silver Rabbit.

The Lovelinks range is diverse and offers something special for everyone and Biba’s sophisticated range are perfect for a more mature recipient. Charm bracelets also give you the opportunity to continue buying charms as gifts on special occasions in the future.

  1. An experience – sometimes the best thing you could buy your daughter is a memory. Taking her to a West End show or a concert is a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate over the holidays. Other experiences that make the perfect girl include spa breaks, beauty parlour vouchers or a fine dining meal with the family. A day or night on the town is an especially great choice for larger families where one-on-one time can be hard to come by.
  1. Pendant necklace – Pendants look gorgeous on girls of all ages and often come in sets with matching earrings. These sets are perfect for Christmas and can be worn both separately and as a pair. The Heart Locket pendant from Little Wishes is perfect for younger girls while your adolescent daughter will be thrilled to receive simple yet elegant necklaces from Swarovski or Michael Kors. As your daughter ages, pear pendants or diamonds will be welcomed additions to their jewellery boxes.
  1. Art – canvasses, photographs or paintings are a special way to say happy holidays this season. This is true for girls of all ages because the range of artwork available is extensive. For a younger girl, consider creating canvass out of their favourite photograph or a snap of the family. As daughters enter their early twenties and begin to venture out on their own, there is not always a budget for decorating. Many brands currently sell affordable prints or graphic art that can lighten up their flat.
  1. Watch. A watch is a wonderful gift for any daughter and there are so many to choose from that you are sure to find one to suit at a price you can afford. The Baby-G ladies watch is a chunky watch that the active girl will love and Ice-Watch has a collection of fun, colourful and inexpensive watches. There are also sophisticated, elegant watches at modest prices from manufacturers like Citizen, Michael Kors, Vivian Westwood and Chanel.

Jewellery, experiences and artwork are perfect Christmas gifts for your daughter or daughters irrespective of their ages. Little Wishes has a great collection that is just right for younger girls, while for older girls there are a range of brands and styles available that will be sure to make your special little girl happy.

Anna Adams is a blogger on fashion and shopping.

Design it Yourself Charm Bracelets for Kids #valentines #crafts

Crafty Bands makes charm bracelet design easy for kids to do! Your crafty child can design their own style of charms for a bracelet, interchange them because they lock into place in such an easy to remove and exchange way! Think about making Crafty Bands as a friendship bracelet or a swap n trade bracelet craft time for your kids and their friends.

Crafty Bands

Use your own paper to draw a sweet design for your snap in charm bracelet. This crafty fun design it yourself charm bracelet kit for kids really helps tweens and teens to express their own individual personality through charm bracelets, a much safer alternative to other forms of expressing their self. Allowing your tween or teen to create their own charms, using their artistic abilities will inspire them to be creative and use their imagination during an age where imagination may start to deteriorate.

Tween Loves Crafty Bands

Crafty Bands are super easy to use and create, do not like what you created the first time? Try again. The daughter made her own charm to test out the Crafty Bands system and enjoyed it so much that she wants to wait to make more charms until she has the time and focus to draw a really cool artistic design for a charm on her bracelet.  You can also use pictures from a magazine, photos and more using the easy to snap tool. Your child simply slides their design into the Crafty Bands snappy tool and places the bubble top charm into the snap machine, click down and voila you have your very first do it yourself charm for a Crafty Bands bracelet.

Crafty Bands Charm Bracelet

The Crafty Bands Starter Kit prices around $29.95 and includes the Shape Studio Tool, four crafty bands, 20 crafty shapes, 20 bubble caps and adhesive. You can also get refill kits for the Crafty Bands Starter Kit for around $6.99 each.

Crafty Bands are available to order online or by visiting Paperwishes.com or Hearthsong.com. Connect with Crafty Bands on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news or to share your child’s crafty charm bracelet design!

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Personalized Jewelry Trends Through the Years

If you like to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends and wear what all the celebs are wearing, you definitely need to look at initial necklaces. These beauties are being worn by dozens of stars this year including such celebrities as Rachel Bilson, Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie among others. The newest version of the charms are modernized to reflect an updated style. Yet the trendy, cool design give them a timeless, comfortable feel that makes them enjoyable to wear.
Many of the celebrities wearing these trendy accessories are probably too young to remember when charm bracelets were all the rage. Mainly in silver, though some came in gold, the chain link bracelets were filled with charms memorializing events and locations in a girl’s life. Typically, the charm bracelet was purchased alone, maybe with one or two charms attached. Then, charms were added to commemorate various events and special occasions. These might include birthdays, vacations, school achievements, getting a car, and anything else of interest to a teen of the earlier decades.
The next trendy style that revived similar jewelry was the mother’s charm necklaces so fashionable for awhile. These were either gold or silver and typically carried a charm for each child, in either a boy or girl shape, and most often with a gemstone birthstone for each. Moms everywhere were proud to wear these necklaces that were most often given as gifts, though some moms didn’t wait for someone else to buy them, they went out and bought their own!
There was a phase where dog tags where popular as well, often engraved with a couple’s names and anniversary date, or some other important information. These were much more than military-style identity tags, though some of them resembled that entirely. But many such necklaces were jewel encrusted or made of a shinier metal than the Army issues. Still, they were comfortable and creative, which is probably one reason they were so popular for a time.
Today, the initial necklaces come in any number of styles and designs. They can be extremely affordable, or priced for the rich and famous. But whatever the look, the detailing, or the design, these beauties are back for awhile giving even the youngest celebrity and girl-next-door the opportunity to enjoy their novelty and the fun of wearing an initial around your neck or on your arm.

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