Shopping for Jeans That Fit your Style

After giving birth to three children, I have found that my body took on a shape of its own. No longer do I have this pre-baby body that can fit into any style of jeans and it’s frustrating at times. Up until about two years ago, I wasn’t too keen on shopping for anything except comfy clothing. It seems, even though I had given birth, I wanted to stick with maternity style clothing. It was comfortable. It meant I didn’t have to try on clothing and look in mirrors. It was a safe choice. The problem is; I love jeans. […]

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I Rocked This Fresh Produce Dress at Sisters Wedding @freshproducenow

My sister was married on June 2nd and it was a rainy day so I showed up at my sisters wedding with this beautiful pink dress from Fresh Produce but had to wear a sweater over it most of the wedding due to the rainy, cold day. This was the perfect option of their casual outfits for my sisters casual wedding. This is one of the pictures taken a couple of days after the wedding to share what the dress looked like as a whole. As you can see in the below picture, I had a black and white sweater […]

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I was lucky to review a great pair of jeans from, the style I test drove so to speak are the Samantha in granite. Now normally black or jean color is my fave, but alas they were fresh out of black. The granite worked well as most people thought I was wearing dress pants though. Once people got closer they realized I had a nice pair of jeans on. The first time I wore my jeans was to a soccer game where I told all the Mom’s about this website and where the jeans came from. After all […]

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Please Don’t Let Winter Come

Oh my gosh it’s already September, to think next month I will be 29 and my daughter will be 8 and it will be the season of Fall which means Winter in NH isn’t that far behind it. I love Fall, it’s my favorite season and no it’s not because that is my birthday month but Fall is a warmish cold season, not too hot and not too cold usually. Right now it’s the beginning of September and we are in the mid 80’s though so who knows what Winter has in store. I started unpacking my Winter Hats and […]

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Custom T Shirts and Eclipse Store

My father awhile back created a really cute custom t shirt that had a picture of a cow and said “Got Grass” or something like that. My memory fails me, however, it was the cutest shirt, bag and hats that were customized by my father! Custom t shirts are not only great for business advertising but for humor! I know I just love reading sayings on t shirts in the stores and online. There are some pretty funny sayings on t shirts and they would also make a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift should you have a humorous […]

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