While Sitting on the Rug, Waiting for The Youngest to Sleep

While sitting on the rug waiting for my monkey of the bunch, yes that would be K-monster, to fall asleep I am found analyzing the rug. You see, what else can I possibly do to keep myself awake while sitting in frustration that my almost five year old will not just fall asleep like his brother once he hits the pillow?!

We went from having mostly wood floors to having a nearly fully carpeted house, that means the boys were first and foremost excited to have “squishy” carpet floor for their bedroom and I was excited to be able to walk barefoot without fear of getting a sliver from any of the unfinished wooden floors in the previous home I lived in. Carpet is carpet though, it’s comfy to walk on and squishy as the boys call it, but it requires cleaning that is more time consuming than wooden floors, in my opinion.

You see, as much as our carpeted house is clean, I still long to have a professional rug cleaning done because who knows if there were other animals in the home or what was spilled on the floor here or there. I just always wanted to have a fully cleaned home prior to move in but that wasn’t our luxury this time around. I still can order a professional rug cleaning if I could afford it. Maybe I will place rug cleaning on my Christmas wish list this year, alongside my first spa visit. Hey, we can all wish for things from time to time, right?!

Having Clean Carpets Brings Me Joy

I run a pretty decent looking household, meaning I have the more “lived in” look versus the actual “spectacular spotless” type environment. Having three kids and a work from home business to run means that some chores such as dusting or vacuuming as often as I should are put on the back burner.  As I sit and stare at the floors and dream of having nice clean carpets that were professionally cleaned from carpet cleaning nyc I have to remind myself that no matter how lived in my home appears, that it is sanitary. Having quality time with my kids is much more important to me than wasting the precious time I have with them cleaning my house to be spick n span.

I would personally much rather higher someone to do my carpet cleaning and household chores such as dusting and mopping than take the hours of time to get it all done in a one day weekend. Carpets always smell and look so amazing after they have been professionally cleaned. I recall seeing my relatives carpets after they got them professionally cleaned and I was just in awe over the difference between an average person doing the carpet cleaning to using a carpet cleaning service.

How do you make your house feel more like a home?

By definition, a house is a building which is used for human habitation.  Transforming a house into a home is something that requires time and patience but it does not require the expensive services of an interior designer.  Instead, successfully reflecting the collective personality of the inhabitants – positive attitude, lifestyle preferences, or a sense of fun, perhaps – can turn a relatively ordinary place of residence into a warm and welcoming home environment.

Color me comfy


Whether living solo or in a family group, the colors in a home, coupled with the lighting, serve to create the underlying atmosphere.  One of the basic rules about the use of color on walls, floors, and ceilings which holds true in most circumstances is that darker colors can look great in larger spaces, but will make a small room look even smaller.  Should being confined to magnolia and pale shades in a smaller home be undesirable, choose a feature wall – perhaps surrounding a fireplace – to paint in a striking, contrasting color.  Paint suppliers offer portable paint palettes with color ranges, small tester cans for experimenting before you make your final choice, and online facilities where a photo of a real room can be uploaded and virtually colored using the available paint colors.  This part of turning a house into a home can be fun as well as rewarding.

Some rooms will benefit from bright shades and stimulating hues, such as playrooms and dens, as these are spaces which encourage energy and alertness.  Bedrooms are better suited to muted, calming colors that are restful, and the clever use of adjustable lighting in dining and living areas can help turn bright, lively daytime spaces into relaxed, even romantic, evening retreats.

Tread carefully

Floors and floor coverings are important when it comes to integrating different spaces within the home; the architectural principle of form following function indicates that surfaces should suit uses – very few people would opt for deep pile carpet in the kitchen, for example.  In bedrooms, soft wall-to-wall carpeting is inviting, as are hardwood floors in soft tones with contrasting shag rugs.

Expressions hardwood floors are great for almost any space and, along with looking beautiful, they are particularly useful for heavy-duty areas such as main living spaces and entrance halls; they are also suitable for families where dust mite allergies might be an issue, as they are easier to keep clean than rugs or carpets.

Bits and pieces

What furniture and accessories to include in a room will generally be a matter of personal taste, and in most cases there will be a need to combine pieces which have been gathered over time with new pieces – whether contemporary or traditional in design.  A simple rule of thumb is not to buy furniture that is too big for a room, or out of keeping with its shape and style.  Some people opt for a themed approach to their rooms and this is fine as long as the result does not create a lifeless, sterile environment or make the room look like a throwback to the 1950s – unless, of course, that is the look you are going for.

Finally, the use of carefully chosen or cherished paintings, sculpture, wall art, feature plants and other greenery will provide the artistic touches and soften the delineations of the rest of the décor in a well cared for home.

My Carpets Need a Cleaning

I was on Facebook the other day saying how my carpet needs to be cleaned. I have never cleaned my carpets in this house since I have owned it which has been over five years! Carpet cleaning is just something I never really thought about, obviously I vacuum. I vacuum 1-2 times a day, with these kids you never know what you are going to have to vacuum up!

I swear my kids drive me bonkers and when potty training came for my first born son it was a nightmare of carpet messes where I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet because he would have accidents for “number one” on the floor in the living room or even kitchen floor. Now I am potty training boy number two with similar nightmares.

I will be honest I am a tad bit worried about chemicals and such with the kids at times but they are getting old and not usually crawling around on all fours nor putting random items in their mouths.  ChemDry sounds like a pretty decent product to use for carpet cleaning so maybe I will have to look more into that option for cleaning my carpets and soon because I can’t deal any longer.

Tile cleaning is certainly something to think about as well when you own a home or a restaurant because it is just simply important to make sure your flooring is clean. I know that when my floors in the house look clean, I can have dishes hanging all over the sink waiting to be washed, clothes sitting in baskets but as long as those floors look clean I feel somewhat good about my household chore duties.

How often do you clean your carpets, other than vacuuming?

Looking for New Rugs?

Did you ask Santa for a new rug this year but he didn’t bring you one? What about checking out a great selection of Jute Rugs for your home? These rugs look really adorable on site and seem to be something great to use on a hardwood floor. I know we have hardwood floors and man are they cold first thing in the morning, nothing like stepping out of bed onto a nice rug of your choice to keep them toes warm first thing in the morning or through out the cold Winter days and nights!

Another style of rug that seems pretty cute is the Bamboo Rugs, I know I love Panda Bears so when I think of Bamboo anything I think of those cute, but from what I hear dangerous Panda Bears. Are Panda Bears really mean?! I hope not, because they are too cute! A Bamboo Rug is great because from what I hear Bamboo is really strong and probably will outlast your other rugs in your home, I don’t know this for sure, maybe you can tell me more about Bamboo Rugs if you have one in your home?!

So if you asked Santa for a rug this year, did he bring it? And if not, what type of rug are you looking for? Love to hear your comments!

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