October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each year since I have started blogging my mind starts to think about October, I know it’s only the end of February but in all honesty my favorite month is October. The weather is not too hot nor cold. October is also breast cancer awareness month where a lot of bloggers and brands work together to spread awareness and find some way to give back to the cause. One year I had thought that I would do what some bloggers do, share their revenues with the cause by donating all ad profits or something similar. The thing is, I need the money I earn to support the kids, so each year I try to wrote posts and spread awareness in any way I can as my way to support breast cancer education.

This year, I am hoping that I can do more than just blog about breast cancer awareness, I am hoping that maybe I can do more to give back or partake in 5K’s to help raise funds for the cause. A 5K walk would be a fantastic way to raise funds while getting exercise and it’s something that my daughter and I could do together.  Our last ColorSplash 5K walk was amazing because we completed the whole thing and raised funds to help the local Library Arts Center arts programs for the community.

Breast cancer does not just happen to females either, it’s a male issue too. What ways do you think I could take part in spreading more awareness and possibly raising funds to donate for breast cancer cures and awareness this coming October 2013? Would love to hear some suggestions.

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Breast Cancer Awareness, Funds Raised For Cure and Treatment

Most people bring full on awareness of breast cancer closer to October, that is the month of breast cancer awareness, but honestly we should be aware all year long. cureLauncher.com is a community that raises money for cancer treatments and medical research. There are various clinical trials that you can partake in with cureLauncher.com as well as ways to donate on their site.  When 90% of all funds donated go directly towards the cause, research and funding to help find a cure, you can rest assured that if you are not taking part in their trials that your money is being placed close to 100% towards what you are donating it for.

There are many trials going on now with cureLauncher.com such as one trial to help find treatment for pre-clinical heart failure and another for Pacemaker/Defibrillator after Heart Attack. I personally have only known one person with cancer, that was my uncle. They found the cancer so late that there was no cure, no trials, no nothing but letting him rest until he passed away. That was sad. I think that everyone should be more aware of their bodies, get annual physicals and take part in helping to fund research for breast cancer cures and other cancers. This is such an important medical necessity, do not let cancer take over, fight back. At least if you know you fought back all you could, brought more awareness to everyone about various forms of cancer and verbalized your story with the world, then you did all you could do to help save another life from cancer.

Right now, my daughter is dealing with a very close relative of hers being diagnosed with cancer, so this topic is very close to my heart.

Kelly Confidential: Have a Lemonade For A Cause

I recently wrote about the fact that you can have a chance to win an Electrolux French Door Refrigerator, click here to read the post. Since I am very passionate about clicking daily for breast cancer and raising more awareness about ovarian cancer – Kelly Confidential just had to be brought up again.

Kelly has teamed up with Electrolux to help raise funds for ovarian cancer research, basically you open a virtual lemonade stand {which I have always wanted since the days of a kid}, and for every stand opened Electrolux will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.* So really it’s FREE for YOU and you get a chance to win a fridge, how cool is that?

Yes I am all about being the grand winner of the fridge, but I am MORE about helping raise awareness about ovarian cancer, and helping raise funds to research ovarian cancer.

Here is the video interview from MomTV.com about this campaign, I hope you will watch, enjoy, stop by my lemonade stand and hopefully create one yourself .. have fun raising money for a great cause:

*As part of its lemonade stand campaign, for each stand opened, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF (with a minimum of 10k and a maximum of 15k).

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Giving To Others

I am a big supporter of volunteering and giving time to others in their time of need. With the economy slowly going downhill it is hard to donate money to organizations or people, but you CAN give your time to help others.

Click to help Breast Cancer – simply click this little button one time each day and then click on the box on the Breast Cancer website. This one time daily click will allow sponsors to donate funds for free mammograms. I signed up for email delivery so every day I receive an email in my inbox that reminds me of my commitment to click one time each day:

The Breast Cancer Site

Play games to help Parker
– Click the little button below to play games and all revenue earned will help fund the hospital bills for little Parker. To hear more about Parker’s story visit 5 Minutes for Mom here.

Games: Playing for Parker

Bloggers Give
– This is a program that is still in the growing stages, but the more awareness we bring to it, the faster it will grow. They are in partnership with Mom Dot Com. Please click on the button below and read all about how YOU can help. If you are a blogger who reviews products or does giveaways this is a PERFECT way to give back to others.

Bloggers Give

I hope you will look around the internet for ways you can give too and help with the three above ways to give. If all bloggers get together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world.

Wishin you much luck in giving to others,


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