Week Ended Pretty Decently – Some Good Points of my Week

While my birthday week started off rather rough and still has some rough patches to be worked out, overall I had some wonderful moments this week with my children. For instance, each morning I was wide awake well before they were rolling out of bed or at least well before they were wide awake yet. I was able to make the children breakfast every day this week, the menu was scrambled eggs for the youngest and a fried egg sandwich for the older two. This made my kids week knowing that Mama was cooking breakfast each morning for them with love.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Then there was that one morning that my lovely daughter…

daughter of brandyellen

Actually allowed me to put her hair up in a stylish way. Lately her look of choice has been simply having her hair down, but on this particular morning she allowed me to do the stylish messy bun look that I think is super cute on her.

photo 3

Overall there were so many fun times, you see I have been spending too much time worrying about this, that and the other thing lately that I realized my kids were not getting the goofy, happy Mama that they are used to having.

photo 4

I made a conscious decision to get silly again, all week long, even though my adult life is rather stressful for me, being a Mom is not stressful really. It’s easy to love my kids, they are the best and have the cutest personalities ever. I took time to play, giggle, tickle and laugh with these three every chance I could this week and for having that much quality time together, I say my week ended well.

It May Be Hump Day but to me It’s Like Monday

I sit here at my desk with so many things I could be writing and sharing with you all, but to formulate one simple blog post on one topic is really just not working for my all-over-the-place brain.

I woke up on the right side of the bed with my five year old son snuggling me and being all happy with a great big hug. My son then proceeded to tell me that “there must be some cartoons on by now”. That meant *hint hint* Mama it’s time for you to wake up. I woke up, sort of. Kept hitting snooze on my alarm and laying back down, but I was awake. Then my daughter walked into my bedroom with this tween attitude asking “are you going to keep hitting snooze and laying back down or are you going to get up and make me breakfast because my stomach hurts I am so hungry”. That put me sort of in an off kilter mood because she 1) can make her own english muffin with PB (which is what she has been eating lately before school) and 2) the tone behind how she stated the question just irked me.

I rolled out of bed. Shut off my two alarm clocks and popped english muffins into toaster for the middle child and the oldest. Then I made a jelly sandwich for my youngest because the kid doesn’t eat much more than that lately and I didn’t have time to scramble eggs for him. During the process of handing plates with breakfast to everyone I was getting clothing out for the boys and making my own coffee determined to get my own self dressed soon.


facepalm sort of day

That is when my youngest decided to be angry. He did not want a jelly sandwich, was sick of me giving that to him and there was no reasoning with this child. I told my youngest that if he were not so picky that he would have other breakfast options but because he doesn’t eat near anything that is all there was. So he went without breakfast, well I do believe he took one bite.

Then it was time to get shoes on. I grabbed socks and shoes for the boys, sat on couch like I always do and asked Aj (my middle child) to come over so I could help him get his socks and shoes on. He flat out refused saying that he wasn’t putting shoes on. Mind you about one minute before this happened he was saying how all of a sudden his tummy sort of hurt and I was telling him that he isn’t going to miss school again over him getting himself all worked up. That was not an option. Shoes though, well he can put those on himself – he is 7. Since Aj was standing firm on no shoes and no school, I tossed his shoes on the couch and told him to put them on his own self, he knows how.

Moving onto the now-over-the-breakfast-battle five year old. I put his socks and shoes on, he went into his room picked out what he wanted to wear for a shirt and over shirt and then my oldest and youngest were ready for school. Meanwhile the seven year old is crying and screaming about he isn’t going to school. I explained that I didn’t care what he was saying, his siblings do need and want to get to school on time so get shoes on and let’s go. He finally had his shoes on; the oldest and youngest went outside and got buckled up in the van when I walked back inside to a 7 year old with no shoes on …

I like seriously was frustrated at this point.

Sooooo I grabbed the 7 year old boys shoes and said come on let’s go, I led him to the van and buckled him in. Told him I was getting his sister to school on time and will deal with his shoe issue at his school so if he is late that’s his problem & fault, I will not allow his actions to make his sister late to her school. Upon arrival to the boys school I was able to get the shoes on the 7 year old and give kisses and hugs .. the boys were off.

At this point I just sigh with tears just about to fill my eyes.

I held it together. Drove home and sat in my driveway listening to country music on my car radio. Then my cell phone rang. It was the daughter’s school, she was calling because she forgot something. I had to drive down to her school, get pictures sent to my cell so I could come home, print them and bring them back to her.

This all happened this morning. By 9:30am I was home, sitting at my desk ready to work, but not without first getting this mornings story out of my mind. At this point, I am just ready to laugh out loud, tears are not wanting to come, it’s just laughter, because in all reality my morning was such an odd series of events that I don’t know what else to do except be curious about what is going to happen next…..



It is How it Is, Just Deal With It

Three kids in the woodsI can be what some call a pushover mom or a softy with some things that have to do with parenting my children, or being in charge of any children for that matter. I firmly feel that there is a different between choosing when you can be somewhat “soft” and when you have to be firm with a child. The theme that comes to mine is “pick your battles”, obviously if you have said no and the child continues to ask why or debate the topic with you then you stand firm. With that being said if you chose not to quite give a solid yes or no to a question, bad idea by the way, then you can be soft on the topic if it’s not some major thing.

There is a few areas where I am firm and simply tell my kid that this is how it is. There is no negotiating. There is no changing my mind. My decision has been made. That is when it comes to meals, I work from home. I don’t make that much money each year when you consider the size of my family. If I were not a Mom and simply just a woman working from home, well I would be made financially probably. That is not the case. I am a Mom of three. My money is hard earned and I buy food to keep the kids healthy and nourished but cannot afford to have many extras all of the time.

With breakfast and lunch there are usually choices. Basically for breakfast I let the kids order from me as if we are in some restaurant because I enjoy cooking a nice breakfast for the kids. With lunch there are usually two options laid out because it’s just not as important of a family meal to me as dinner time. Speaking of dinner, that is the one meal where I cook what I cook and you just accept that. There is no ordering as if we are in a restaurant. Deal with it.

Thankfully my kids have grown up knowing that I am this way, that they have some negotiating room for lunch as well as breakfast but dinner is set in stone. The way I deal with dinner is that I do take into consideration what each child likes to eat combine that with maybe a new food option here & there, this enables them to have something they like while also requiring that they at least try something new.

Christmas Tree Cut DownEach child must try a new food before attempting to plead they do not like it. If they do not try the food, they go without. I stick firm by this. There are many a nights where my youngest went to bed that night without dinner. Being that my youngest is super stubborn there were weeks where he would go 4-5 nights without dinner because he would flat out refuse to try anything new. Then finally once I stood my ground forever, he finally started to try new things, just to determine that he truly doesn’t like anything.

It is difficult to find any meal that my youngest actually likes because every sort of meal option I serve for dinner, he has tried without successfully liking it. My oldest and middle child usually like whatever they try, even my six year old will admit “well I don’t really like this a lot but it’s okay” and he will eat it.

I love that I have taught my kids that in some areas of life I stand firm and they accept that without question. There isn’t a fight about it, there isn’t this big issue over the food, nothing. They simply accept the rules and are just fine after trying the meal.

What Do you Mean You Don’t Like That?

My six year old sonEvery evening I pack up a nice cold lunch for my oldest and middle child, usually they get some form of deli meat & cheese sandwich, plus two sides and a capri sun for drink. Each day I pack their various sides, sometimes it’s raisins and crackers other times it’s applesauce and crackers.  What I pack with my kids drink and sandwich really is a matter of what I have available in the house. That is when I find out just how little I know my kids, some days.

For instance, last I knew my daughter and my middle child both enjoyed eating raisins. It is news to me that my six year old son no longer likes raisins and he proceeds to tell me with frustration each time I happen to pack a couple mini boxes of raisins in his lunchbox. He forgives me for my absent mindedness. Thank Goodness.

Emo tween looking hairstyleNext, we move onto breakfast. I wake up and cook my kids breakfast 5 out of the 7 days of the week, usually. With that being said I know that my daughter and six year old son enjoy runny eggs; guess it’s called over easy. My youngest enjoys scrambled eggs only. That is what I thought, anyways. Come to find out my six year old son no longer likes runny eggs because he now likes for his breakfast of toast with fried egg and cheese on it to be cut in half; a mess so to speak with the runny fried egg. I get it. But wish he would let me know before I start cooking.

All of a sudden my daughter doesn’t like cheese on her egg and toast sandwich. Every single time I cook her a fried egg and place it ever so gently on a piece of toast with a piece of American cheese on top, thinking I am all “awesome Mama”, she gets upset with me citing that now I ruined her breakfast because 1) she does not like cheese on her breakfast sandwich and 2) the cheese has now melted all over her egg and toast which apparently ruins the meal?!

Clean feet childThere are various moments where my mind plays tricks on me while raising my three kids, it’s as if one day I know them all too well and then before I even blink, they are changing their minds about preferences, clothing styles and even hair styles. It’s so hard to keep up and that is why I am thankful that I have humor. I firmly believe that if you can not laugh at yourself then you got an issue, the fact that I can enjoy a good laugh about my absent minded nature shows the kids that I am a real human being who messes up but moves on from it with a giggle.

Life is way too short but man I wish my memory wasn’t short.

Making Scrambled Eggs with Four Year Old

Out of all three of my kids, the four year old boy seems to be the one who wants to do everything by himself. Yes, even things he should not be doing by himself. I praise him for his independent nature and try my best to encourage it. That is why he has a love of eggs, cracking eggs that is.

Egg Cracking Four Year Old

K-man loves scrambled eggs, it is the only type of eggs he will eat for breakfast. While my other two kids are all for omelets, fried eggs, and scrambled eggs, K-man will only eat “fluffy scrambled eggs” and usually they are preferred if made by his Dad because I tend to not make them fluffy as Daddy does, so says K-man. Maybe the fact that K-man doesn’t trust my scrambled eggs skills makes him more apt to help Mama when making his breakfast meal of scrambled eggs.

Scrambled Eggs Made Rigth

K-man is so funny about cracking his eggs and to boot, he rarely ever gets any shell into the cracked egg in the bowl. He stares at that egg, taking time to crack it just right and when done, he beams with pride! K-man will crack 2 eggs in a bowl, help me put some milk in it and then use a whisk or fork to stir it all up. Then he helps me pour the egg mixture into the pan while watching me cook his scrambled eggs in the way he tells me to do.

My little independent four year old is the man, he is so interested in everything about his world that it is wonderful and scary at the same time.

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