Newsflash: It’s Easy to Do things as a Family

My family is a real connected family. I have this strong family unity bond that enables me to, without question, put my family before anything else in the whole entire world. I work around my family, it doesn’t work around my work. I always have and always will place my child’s needs before my own. This is why we are such a close knit, happy bunch of people. We all know and feel loved, no matter what.

I am here to share a few simple ways to spend time with your family, without spending any money. These simple things done together, on a daily basis, as a family, will seriously enable you to create a strong bond from now unto forever.

Simple Things to Do as a Family (3)

I work from home, strictly from home and have since 2006. In March 2006 I left an administrative assistant job that I absolutely loved while pregnant with my middle child because I was always sick. I then ventured along the path I am on today, a work at home Mom path. From direct sales to now freelance writing, I support my family on a very small income. This small income is what has allowed me to teach my children that life is all about the simple things that money can’t buy.

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Board Games – We have accumulated a lot of board games in my household, mostly due to the fact that I get a lot of board games from Hasbro for reviews. One way for the average family to stock up on board games is to keep an eye out on yard sales during the warmer seasons, because we have scored deals on various board games at yard sales. Most recently we picked up a Mancala game for $1. Playing board games from an early age and forward helps to establish the life lessons of; good sportsmanship, taking turns, communication and patience.

Reading Together - We have a lot of books in our house and it’s not actually anything we have spent much money on. Over the years we have seen free piles and yard sales that have a lot of books for sale for cheap. Most recently I visited a yard sale that was selling a lot of books at only a quarter a piece. That’s pocket change you can easily find to gather a decent collection of books for your home bookshelf. Reading together from an early age and forward helps to establish the life lessons of; a love of books, ability to read & write on their own at an early age, and a love of adventure with a side of imagination.

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Being Silly Together – We have found that being silly together, creating our own unique pretend game play or just taking silly pictures of us being in our own elements has really been the cheapest version of family fun ever. At times you will find us with music blaring and the not-so-coordinated me dancing alongside my super awesome kids. We laugh, we cheer and we just have fun loving each other for our unique traits. Playing tag, hide n seek, dancing together, dancing while doing chores all teach the life lessons of; responsibility, love for themselves and their family, builds their creative side, and enables a love using their imagination.

From playing board games to being silly while doing chores or just being silly in general is a great way to spend time with your children from birth and up. I firmly believe that if you start young then you will find you have raised tweens and teens that have a bond to their family that is unbreakable during any challenging time of life.

What are some cheap or no cost things you do to keep it simple and enjoy your family?



Zynga’s Words with Friends Game from Hasbro #holidaygift #spon

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Looking for a way to give your college student or siblings who share a bedroom some fun? Check out this cute message board; Zynga’s Words with Friends Game from Hasbro would be a great addition to any college student’s dorm or siblings bedroom. Honestly, with our family being a board game type of family it would be great to have in our family area.

Words with Friends Magnetic Game and Message Board

Words with Friends magnetic game & message board is fun to play together or on your own time. Each game comes with a magnetic board and built-in hangers for off-the-table play. The titles are magnetic and locking so you can leave messages for each other and keep playing on and on as time allows. It can be left for the other person to see when they pass it by or have time to “take their turn”.

This is a great game where you can keep score and you have bonus spaces such as Double Word or Triple Letter that can let you get a bonus point up on your opponent. This was in most major toy stores nationwide as of August 2013 and will make a great holiday gift for your children or college student on the gift giving list.

Age rating is for 13 and up and the retail price is suggested to be $19.99+. Check out for more details. Also check out for this.


A Reminder For you {and me} to Count Your Blessings

Yesterday was a day full of challenges. From the onset of Monday morning, my life was in utter chaos mode and it only grew worse when I picked up my sons from school. It was a Monday of all Monday’s, that one digger. That one day where it was extremely challenging for me to count my blessings. I literally wanted a do-over. I had wished I could climb in bed, close my eyes and wake up all over again much like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

I picked up the boys from school and my youngest was in a mood. My youngest gets in these moods where, instead of speaking English, he speaks these grumpy giberish tones that make no sense. I do not play that game, if my children cannot speak and wish to be mumbling grumpies that are completely impossible to comprehend, then they can deal. I will not play into that. No way.

Finally, about 20 minutes later I had my two sons buckled into the van ready to get my daughter from band practice, that didn’t go without the couple minute drive of me having to listen to grumpy pants in the way back of my van grumbling louder and louder. I couldn’t help him if he wouldn’t speak of what his issue was.

It dawned on me, finally, that my youngest had to go pee. Well why couldn’t he have just said that while we were at his school so I could walk him back into school to use the bathroom. Well, because that would have been too easy. After a weekend away it takes the youngest a little bit of time, sometimes, to transition back to Mom’s house. This was one of this cases, he just was in a mood and there was no breaking it – simply working with it without feeding into it.

The boy went pee. The daughter got out of band and we returned home. Only to have to leave for cheer practice, which was a nice break for me because the boys stayed home with my boyfriend playing board games and coloring. After cheer practice I returned home to my somewhat “back to themselves” sons and had a decent evening.

Then bedtime came, it all started again. Finally they were all fast asleep and I was able to sit on my couch, tune into watching NickMom television, laugh a bit and then I went to sleep.

Today is another day and I am trying my best to count my blessings for I do have so much to be grateful for even if Monday made me question everything.

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Happy Saturday my friends! There are no children this weekend so I am either 1) catching up on sleep or 2) organizing, unpacking and trying to clear the door to the backyard finally after being here since first part of July. Hope you enjoy the day!

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We Prefer Monopoly Empire Over Regular Monopoly { Review & Giveaway }

Free ProductI am in all honesty excited to be sharing this review and giveaway for Monopoly Empire because it is such a FUN board game to play with the family! Every person in the household from the “man of the house” down to the seven year old { the 5 year old doesn’t have attention spam to play board games long just yet}, loves this version of Monopoly.

Monopoly Empire Board

Monopoly Empire is available now and is rated for ages 8+, my seven year old can play it because he has been playing board games and even learned how to play chess at age 4, so he’s quick to play higher level games with us. This retails for $19.99. I do see that has it for sale but I am sure you can find it in local retail shops now since it arrived on shelves this past Summer.

Billboards Monopoly Empire

Start the game by placing all of the billboards on the appropriate place markings on the Monopoly Empire board. You have famous named brands such as eBay, Xbox, Yahoo and McDonald’s plus more that you can “purchase” and “own” to get rent and other benefits from owning in this version of Monopoly. The setup is not as quick as the other versions we have played for Monopoly as you have to set the billboards all the spaces of the board, then give out money but after you set it up once you become a pro at knowing where the brands are listed on the board.

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