Making Money with Link Vehicle

Image: Link Vehicle Site

Image: Link Vehicle Site

I am always on the look out for more ways to earn money from my websites, as a member of the paid VIP MomDot Forum I often am able to get connected with other bloggers who are able to lend opportunities, share tips and tricks as well as referral links to places such as Link Vehicle to other bloggers with recommendations on how this site worked for them to make money.

Link Vehicle is much like other websites I have been a member of for years during my times as a Mom Blogger, I am new to Link Vehicle so I will share with you how well I think this site is for making money blogging, but for now I wanted to share with you all the site in case you are ready to just jump in with paid content, sponsored reviews and so much more.

Sign up for Link Vehicle and submit your blogs today to start earning more money this New Year.

My Thoughts on Top Mom Blogger and a Giveaway

As a member of the MomDot Forum where I have gained some amazing friendships and consider it my home away from home, I was game on when Trisha and Lynsey were starting up Top Mom Blogger.  I know these ladies have what it takes, they have the knowledge and the power to really help bloggers succeed.  Yes, yes, you can go read any other blogging support post, website and such, believe me I share tips as well, but there is something different about Top Mom Blogger and that something different really makes it worth a paid membership site.

Top Mom Blogger

I have been a blogger since December 2008, I started two other blogs in addition to this one. Quite frankly, I am in need of gaining some more exposure, such as traffic from the search engine King – Google. Now I have the basic knowledge of SEO {search engine optimization} and I have the knowledge to really make my blogs bang. The problem is that I lose focus, lose track of time and really have a tendency to get off track. Top Mom Blogger is a great place with resources, written guides and training sessions to really help me focus on one item at a time.

My first time logging into Top Mom Blogger made my brain feel slightly overwhelmed, after all I am only getting a one month trial to share my thoughts with you all, but you all get a chance to win a 6 month membership so you will have the time to really dive in and take advantage of Top Mom Blogger’s full potential. Glancing through the articles and various areas of Top Mom Blogger, I noticed an area that really helps me with my writing – Content Inspiration. You see, I am Queen of having ideas of what to blog about, but those ideas pop into my head during the day while I am on “Mom duty” and by the time I make it back into the office, that idea has slipped my mind.

I am a firm believer that if you write content with passion behind your words, then that content will in turn drive a major amount of traffic. People want to know you are real, people want to have you share your life with them, your expertise and so much more but if they can not feel aka read the passion behind your words – they will not stay nor come back again. Top Mom Blogger is here to help you gain control of your blog income, get it started, get it going and keep moving forward.

Top Mom Blogger is designed to help all Bloggers to better their blogs and reach their own personal goals. Whether you are a Food Blogger, Fitness Blogger, Business Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Review Blogger, Mommy Blogger or otherwise, Top Mom Blogger is for you. We feel that by so many successful bloggers keeping their “trade secrets” hidden, that the Blogosphere has suffered tremendously with millions of people simply not knowing HOW to build a terrific blog or what to do next. Here at Top Mom Blogger we feel that by sharing what we know and helping you to be more professional and therefore more successful, that we will help to better the Blogosphere as a whole, creating more success and opportunity for everyone.

With training sessions, articles and step by step guides to provide you with the support to do the hard work that it takes to start and succeed in Mom Blogging, Top Mom Blogger is totally worth your time.  You may enter below for your chance to win a free 6 month membership to Top Mom Blogger or if you are really ambitious go ahead and sign up today for your membership to Top Mom Blogger and get your blogging career headed in the right direction.

Since Rafflcopter is down, and making my site load improperly, I am using the old school method of entries – if you already entered using Rafflecopter please note I will include your entries when using to choose a winner.

You may complete any or all of the following to enter for your chance to win. Giveaway ends at 12am EST on December 18, 2012.

  • Leave a blog post comment. Any comment shall do but maybe tell me why you want to win this. { 1 entry}
  • Follow @brandyellen and @TopMomBlogger on Twitter. Leave comment with your Twitter username.{ 2 entries}
  • Like Top Mom Blogger on Facebook. Leave comment with your FB profile name. { 1 entry }
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Disclosure: I received a free one month membership to Top Mom Blogger to share my honest opinions and experiences with you all as well as to host a giveaway. All opinions and personal stories are that of my own.

I Actually Do Have a Life and Business to Deal With

I remember when I used to have a cool smartphone, that Blackberry totally rocked my world but the problem with it was; I was working 24/7, literally checking email before bed, as soon as I rolled out of bed, replying to emails within moments of them reaching my inbox. I think reps started to get used to me replying so quickly and maybe they are used to this with other bloggers as well which means they send you opportunities expecting a quick reply, as in within moments.

Slow down people! You do not need to reply to a reps contact the moment it arrives in your inbox, remember that you want to look busy even if you are not right? You want reps to know that you are running a well established business or brand for yourself and that your time is worth money. Now I know that if someone replies to me immediately I either 1) caught them at the right time or 2) they feel the need to reply to me quickly.

When I work for brands on blogger outreach I try to ensure that the bloggers will have time to evaluate my offer, research the time they have available to commit to my client and then, only then, reply to me with their answer as to whether or not they can take part in that campaign. I could not imagine being that rep that sends out an email and then only a couple of days later says “sorry that offer no longer stands”, umm okay? Then why did you send me the pitch in the first place?

I completely understand we all, bloggers and reps, get into these quick turn around deadlines from time to time and that is simply okay, I expect to have the occasional rushed pitch and if I reply in a couple of days not getting the chance, I truly understand and am okay with that. The problem I have is when someone pitches me, acting as if my blog matters to them more than it really does, and then turns around to say “oh sorry, that opportunity is now full” when it was only a couple of days.

I have a life and a business, I am mom of three first, blogger & virtual assistant second. That is who I am, that is who I will forever be. I won’t fall victim of smartphone quick reply emails ever again, my life has become so much happier not falling victim to the stress of thinking that an email can not wait until my “office hours” have begun.

I Dare you To Jump Off Top Bunk Bed

Each and every morning at my house goes something like this;

Alarm finally wakes me, after dinging for 15 minutes.

I hit snooze, multiple times.

Ki comes in to wake me.

Boys wake up and come in to my room demanding breakfast.

Finally I drag my butt out of bed to get them ready for school.

However, one fine morning after going to sleep around one in the morning, I woke up wide awake after a really odd, but life like dream to find that my sons were talking. I glanced over at my video and audio monitor to see that both boys were on top of the bunk bed just hanging out.

I slowly closed my eyes.

Then at 6:38am I hear “I bet you can’t jump off the top bunk bed” and “I can, I not scared” … that would be the five year old son daring the “I have no fear” three year old to jump off of the top bunk bed.

I jump out of bed, suddenly more awake than I was a moment ago.

Pressing the microphone button on the audio & video monitor I inform the boys that they best not jump off of that bed and that I am coming down to get them. Of course my morning scratchy voice makes them think that Daddy is coming because apparently I sound like a man in the morning.

The boys start laughing, saying “daddy is coming, quick jump off the bed”.

I race down the stairs trying not to slip down them in my slipper socks and am yelling that they best not dare jump off of that bed and that I am coming. I walk into their room to find that they want to leap, without notice, off of top bunk bed into my arms.

If that doesn’t wake a parent up, I don’t know what else would.  I love my boys, but in all honesty, I was not prepared for the things that happen while raising these little boys.


Where Can Bloggers Make Money?

I always dread this question, “well how do you make money blogging” or “where does your income come from on your blog?”. I mean, it’s a valid question they aren’t asking me how much I make or anything but still it’s rather difficult to explain where I make my money on my blog because there are so many various areas of my blog that make money for me. Every little bit of revenue on my three blogs {one blog isn’t updated often and it’s a Blogspot blog but still brings in a little revenue} adds up! I use to ensure I am keeping accurate records for tax purposes and I use an Excel spreadsheet to document all of the free products I get, because YES they have to be claimed on taxes.


Here are the top places I recommend you check out or get started with to make some revenue and eventually you can be like me and live on it, well of course that depends on your cost of living. My cost of living is rather cheap, I live well within my means and so I can live on this money with the three kids!

  • Amazon Associates – use at least two Amazon affiliate links within each blog post.
  • Project Wonderful - advertising tool, low cost advertising for others but I have been making a steady revenue from this service.
  • Direct Sponsors For Text Links – Meaning pitch various websites and companies to have their ad on your sidebar but watch out too many text link ads are not good.  Keep it relevant to your site content for best revenue.
  • Paid Blog Posts – These can be direct contacts to you, you contacting a company directly or using services like Sponsored Reviews, Blogvertise or PayPerPost.

Lately in all honesty I have just been writing away and getting pitches, but when you first start you must do all of the leg work to build up your presence online and this means working with SEO, my rank is a 3 and it goes from 4 to 3 and 3 to 4 quite often lately, I don’t know what is up with Google but I have seen bloggers with lower ranks get great paid gigs, so it’s all about proving who you are, that you are here to stay and companies will work with you and pay you to have their brand on your blog!

What methods have worked for you when making money blogging? Share your tips/tricks and places!


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