A Trip To the Pet Store

I am thankful that my children love animals so much but also understand the responsibility that comes when having a pet. You see, I took in pets in the past that I simply could not keep. Whether it was due to moving to a new place where pets were under no circumstances allowed or taking in a pure bred black lab puppy only to find out a puppy and two boys in diapers was not going to work out, I have learned that I will never again take in a pet without having the long term, life long commitment to that animal. Through sharing my experiences, I have taught my children the commitment a pet takes on, so that they understand why I say no to having anymore pets at this time in our lives.

My children still enjoy visiting the pet store, it’s usually my youngest who would rather visit the pet store just to walk around for a couple of hours versus my older two, but since there was no school last week and we had to find something to do, the pet store made sense. First we visited the reptile center to look at the snakes, bearded dragons and spiders. Next up was the bird room where this large white talking breed of bird was trying like hell to get on my shoulder. I wanted to take that bird home, but of course I can not have anymore pets at this time and really am not interested in a bird, talking or not.

Next up was my little ones favorite area, the turtle and fish part of the pet store. This kid really wants a pet turtle, ever since his betta fish, Porky, died, he has had his mind set that someday he will have a pet turtle to love and care for. We walked around the fish area and then ended back at the turtle section again, where they were about to be fed. The pet store dude was like “you may want to step back if you are squeamish” and I was all confused, but then saw him toss a fish into the turtle tank.

The boys were in awe, they said “boy that is AWESOME” while they watched this red eared slider turtle devour a fish. He ripped it to shreds but first swam around with it hanging out of it’s mouth as to try to keep it away from the other turtles. My sons sat there for about forty minutes watching this whole process of turtles biting the turtle with the fish, attempting to kidnap that fish food from the original turtle and watched and watched until finally the big turtle ate the whole fish.

The boys said “look there is it’s guts” and “look there is it’s blood”, all admiring of the fact that this poor fish was half eaten up by the big turtle. They loved every moment of it and that is when I promptly looked up at the pet store dude and said “you were worried about them being squeamish? I think I may be a bit squeamish, never-mind them!”


There Were There and Now They Are Gone

Baby robin birds that is …. we looked and saw a nest full of little baby robin birds one day and three days later they were still there. Growing faster than I thought birds did. Then one day we went to check on them and there was no sign of any baby birds in the nest…

I don’t know if the hawk who has been circling got these babies so close to the house or if they learned how to fly and ventured off with their parents but there is no longer any baby birds in this nest for it’s sitting there empty inside of our lilac bush.


Teaching Kids to Climb Trees

We have a backyard with a lot of trees, most of which look like good tress to climb. Me being the outdoor person I am, except Winter time, I decided that I wanted to try to climb a tree and show my kids that they can climb trees too! I know I will regret showing them that it’s okay to climb trees some day but we had fun!

I attempted to climb a tree but apparently jeans were not flexible enough for me to even get up there! I let the kids do the climbing and with the boys well that meant I heaved them up into the tree so that a picture could be captured!

My daughter came home with me Friday and wanted to try to climb a tree but said she couldn’t and when we finally got her to try this is what she looked like …

It was a blast checking out the backyard and running around on Friday while Ki’s Dad checked our new place out too! We truly are a blended family and enjoy every moment of it! Now if I can get that girl to actually climb a tree like her brothers are attempting to do the right way!

Did you climb trees growing up? I totally saw this one HUGE tree in the backyard I want to climb up and sit in but no one will let me get out and play alone! *pouts*

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Cryo-Cell and “Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Cryo-Cell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cyro-Cell is a cord blood banking service and I wanted to share with you a few benefits of storing cord blood:

  • Easy to extract and cause no pain nor risk for mother or baby.
  • Matching stem cells are difficult but necessary for transplants, when you bank your newborns cord blood you are giving your baby a perfect match for their lifetime.
  • Should you child get a disease and require chemotherapy or radiation they can have their preserved stem cells used to replenish and their blood and immune system, making complications lessen.
  • Last but not least your child’s cord blood has a one in four chance of matching a sibling, so you are saving for any and all your children’s health.

Cyro-Cell is teaming up to donate $25 for every enrollment to the “Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund” in the month of February 2010. Cryo-cell is the only cord blood bank contributing to this fund to help the children of Haiti.  So not only is Cryo-Cell helping increase your child’s chance of survival should they get a disease, but they are helping the children of Haiti as well. If you are interested you can enroll now.

You can learn more about Cyro-Cell cord blood banking by visiting their website and researching for yourself, for just near $3 a week for storage after the first year you may be saving your child’s life in the future should they have any disease happen upon them.

Visit my sponsor: Hope for Haiti - Save the Children

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