Warm up your Living Room with Fun and Colourful Pillows

The winter isn’t just creeping in anymore, it’s here in full force and we’re already starting to feel the effects. With the nights getting longer and the days getting shorter we’re also spending more time indoors and thusly more time in the living room, where (as the name suggests) we do the lions shares of our actual ‘living’. Of course we’ll be stoking the fireplace and cranking the thermostat up a few notches but there are many more subtle (and less expensive) changes we could be making to our living rooms to make them not only ‘seem’ warmer but to ‘feel’ warmer too. Warm colours that reflect the softness and vibrancy of the Summer will really help your living room feel alive with warmth and whilst changing the wallpaper or buying new furniture might seem more than a little severe, a new set of colourful pillows could really help your living room ‘pop’. Read on for a little more elaboration.

Pillow Cases

A living room will generally reflect the personalities and lifestyles of a homes residents and the pillow cases should be no different. The great thing about your pillows is that changing their aesthetics is as easy as simply swapping out their cases. Pillow cases are a cheap and convenient way to make your living room reflect the changing seasons. During the summer you could have subtle blues and yellows to help reflect the laid back vibe of the season and at Winter you can help heat up the room by sticking to stronger reds, browns and golds, colours that give off an air of warmth and glamour. As well as the various colours available of course you will also be able to lend your cushions a completely fresh ‘vibe’ by the use of different patterns. The key is to choose pattern and colour combinations that match the theme and style of your room. You might also consider livening the designs up by implementing more unconventional patterns or possibly even photography. You should also consider how many pillows you actually need as it can be a little too easy to get carried away and end up with 5 pillows to every seat. Size is also a factor to consider. Especially if your furniture is rather ‘past it’ you could use larger pillows as ‘seat cushions’ and smaller pillows as back support. Try not to go overboard though or you run the risk of seeming messy.

Throw rugs

An elegant alternative to changing pillow covers, throw rugs can be used to completely transform your furniture in seconds. Used in tandem, a throw rug and collection of different pillow cases will make your living room almost completely customisable and it doesn’t need to stop at the living room either. You can take the general style of your living room and use it in other rooms to give you home a ‘cohesive’ feel. The bedroom especially (the natural home of the pillow you might say) can really be brought to life by a series of colourful pillows with designs that echo the living room whilst also having their own ‘slant’.

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What Mama Wanted But Didn’t Get

Christmas has come and gone, now is the time for cleaning the mess up and organizing our rooms as well as my office space. It is, after all, about to be a New Year. I need to work on tax preparations and get all of my business files in gear for tax purposes. I need to get the kids bedrooms organized, after a long winded argument over getting it done because you know they don’t just do it for the fun of it!

With that being said, here are some items that I need and/or want to help stay better organized this season …..

file cabinet

I really, really need a file cabinet badly! Right now I am thankful for the one I have – it’s a two drawer wooden one that my Mom let me keep because it’s falling apart and she really didn’t “need” it back when I was living at her home while she lived with her husband in his home. While I am thankful for the file cabinet I do have, it’s falling apart to the point I can’t really use it and access files the way I need to. I need a new file cabinet so that is the first item on my What Mama Wanted but Didn’t Get List.

personal computer

I really could use a personal computer for my office desk, why? Well because working from a laptop is a great secondary option, which I am totally grateful for, nothing beats working from a real personal computer setup on my desk that the children DO NOT ever touch. Sadly, the laptop is my MAIN business computer but it’s also the only thing the children can use for their electronic time and that worries me. If laptop dies, I am screwed … no personal computer really sucks and I hope to someday have one again soon! Mine died last year.

bill rack

A bill rack or letter rack would be perfect to have in my office space in master bedroom for many reasons; holding our current household bills, holding invoices for clients that are overdue or due later on. The bill rack could also hold the check payment receipts for later accounting purposes. All too often I am looking for a way to better serve my bills, letters and statements as well as accounting documents to be prepared all year round for household and business responsibilities. I like to be organized and on top of things. My Post-it brand letter holders work great for my PR letters but not for the whole kit and caboodle of documents I need to organize.

happy light

I certainly wanted and need a “happy light” for the NH winter Season. You see, last Winter in NH I had a really hard time keeping my emotions in check. Lack of sunlight really is starting to pay a toll on my spirits and I have heard great things from people who use happy lights all winter long. I need that natural sunlight all year round to keep my optimistic attitude on track and keep my happy. So last but not least, I wanted but did not receive, a happy light! With a happy light I would have stable moods in the winter season here in NH thus being more productive, organized and able to move forward in a positive direction without having down days!

What did you want for the holidays or a birthday that you didn’t get? I would love to hear in the comments what you wanted but didn’t get as well as what you wanted and did get!


Bright Light Pillow Review #idvproducts #spon #fuelmyblog

Free Product

My children are in love with Bright Light Pillows, I seem to think that all of the Idea Village products just have lovely commercials with catchy songs that make children dance around singing it so that they sell more products. Seriously a bit kudos to Idea Village, because there products are usually something I enjoy sharing here on site. Today I am sharing Bright Light Pillows and these are adorable for any child in your family, heck I want one myself!

bright light pillow

You can choose between a square shape or a heart shape Bright Light Pillow, my daughter has the heart shape one. Each pillow is soft and has multi-colored LED lights to make this a soothing pillow to help your children fall asleep quick. This is also a cool visually pretty decor for your child’s bedroom. There is an easy-on switch and a built in 15 minute shut-off. Making it safe for children and allows parents to breath easy knowing this Bright Light Pillow will shut off on it’s own, rather than stay one all night long.

Each Bright Light Pillow requires 3 AAA batteries and is rated for ages 8 and up. Learn more about this product by visiting BrightLightPillow.com. This product retails at $19.99 each.

Still Working on Getting Back on Track Here, Slowly but Surely

I am trying to work but in all honesty this coming Wednesday will be the first day I have no kids all day without any other obligations. I had a day or so when I had no kids before but there was no way to unpack as Comcast had to come to get internet working in my master bedroom where my office is setup. My office setup is not like in my previous house as it’s an extension of the master bedroom, meaning part of the master bedroom has been set aside for me to work from, but I am thankful to have a place that is not in the main area of the home.


I will be able to focus and shut a door if need be to surround myself with just my laptop and work. Eventually I will have my ex husband build me a custom computer for my office but for now I work strictly from the laptop as it’s the only working PC I have that can handle all that I do for work.

Hoping to get back on track and share so many awesome pictures of our times with the move and our adventure in York Beach, Maine as well as other family adventures we go on soon! Have a beautiful evening my friends!

Officially Moved, but Still Not Settled in Completely

There is something happy about joining two families together; the boyfriend and his kids plus my kids and me but in all honesty it also adds a huge change for so many. My daughter and his daughter share a room part time, as his kids are here part time, not all of the time – they “live” with their mom whereas my kids “live” with me and visit their Dad’s. As we worked to move all of our stuff into this new house we have come up with a list of various things we realize we need now with the changes and combining of families.

My son's bunk beds in their new bedroom!

My son’s bunk beds in their new bedroom!

For instance, the girls share a room part time but need better space for their room, having two twin beds in there isn’t really feasible so we are on the look out for free or cheap loft beds or bunk beds. We basically need at least one loft style bed for my boyfriend’s son’s bedroom and a twin set up or two loft beds for the girls. It’s not something we are going to go out and spend money we don’t have to spend on but I have been keeping my eyes peeled on Craigslist and other sites to see what I can find for free or super cheap. I am not, however, getting any second hand mattresses, we simply need the setup or frame as it’s called.

There are some dressers needed for our clothing, but in all honestly, as we live out of boxes for a bit and slowly work on unpacking, we are all so happy to be together. The house has a lot more room and the layout of having a real living room for the first time in ages, totally ROCKS!

Many games of chess have been played in between unpacking!

Many games of chess have been played in between unpacking!

We would be unpacked completely by now had we not have five kids to entertain this week, but our kids will forever come first so we slowly work on unpacking then do fun kid/family things in between. That’s how we roll, balancing act of getting things done while still taking care of the kiddos needs and enjoying our new truly happily blended family!

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