All In Due Time, They Do Sometimes Need You When they Get Bigger #tweens

I am often found sighing in disbelief at how big my daughter is now, she is into those tween years and she no longer thinks the hairstyles I used to do in her hair are cool. Apparently “cute” is no longer the proper term to refer to a hairstyle either. The cuter it is, the worse of an idea it is; at least according to my tween daughter. It amazes me at how fast she has grown, both in height and in intelligence. This girl is beyond her years in comprehension and most times I wonder if she is one of those “old souls” type of people, she really is a spitting image of me on days she wears her contacts. Whenever my daughter speaks, she seems to truly have taken in most of my positive mindset and that makes me so proud to hear and see.

With all of this being said, it seems that no matter how fast our children grow and no matter how much it has saddened me that my idea of those pig tail braids in her long hair are no longer her preference for hairstyles, there comes a day when your child will indeed want or need you again to help. That was us this past week. My daughter finally needed her Mama to assist in her hair obsession ways. Sadly, I think I created a straightened hair monster, but she wanted and needed me to be her assistant in the mornings for before school hair styling time and that my friends warmed my heart up just a bit.

Even in their Older years, Kids Need their Parents Help

So remember, when you think that your kids have outgrown some things that they loved as younger kids, that there may just be a day when they come to you needing you for something else or something similar. Hang on parents, our kids do still need us, even in their older years! Be patient, they will come to you.


MicroTouch ONE Review #FuelMyBlog #spon #IDVproducts

Free Product

MicroTouch ONE is a product that was sent to me for review and one would have thought I brought home a million pieces of chocolate when I saw my fiance’s face light up. MicroTouch ONE is a new version of the timeless classic safety razor and it’s a razor that reminded my fiance of the old days when his father let him use a razor like this from the old days to “practice shaving”. I loved seeing how happy this razor made my fiance and so now I’m sharing the product with you all because it would make a lovely gift for that special man in your life who shaves.

MicroTouch ONE

The MicroTouch ONE is mad of solid brass and chrome plated to be a beautiful, polished shine. The ONE feels smooth and comfy on your hand and glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life. My fiance absolutely loves using his MicroTouch ONE. The “butterfly” opening style of the MicroTouch ONE allows for you to safely clean the blade and rinse it free of shaving cream and whiskers without harming yourself. The blades last longer and saves you money in the long haul of your shaving life.

Razor Blade

MicroTouch ONE comes with a razor, 12 blades and a hard shell travel case. This retails for $19.99 and you can check more more information by visiting

How to Create Wavy Hair Like a Pro

Feel like trying a new style? Whether your hair is curly or straight, it’s easy to make waves using nothing more than a hairbrush and some patience. In this guide, we’ve teamed up with the style experts at to help you create wavy hair like a professional stylist.

Start with fresh, clean, and straightened hair

Before you start creating wavy hair, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is clean and straight. Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your hair is perfectly clean – if you need to rinse and repeat, don’t hesitate.

Once your hair is clean, straighten it. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If your hair is curly, use your straightening iron to make it straight and tidy.

If your hair is naturally straight, you can towel dry it to leave a little bit of moisture for creating long-lasting waves. If you’ve straightened it, try adding some leave-in conditioner to create a little bit of moisture.

Prepare your brush or comb and get to work. Your hair should be perfectly straight and nice and neat before you create any waves. Use your comb to remove any knots in your hair and bring it into an even, consistent pattern.

Use braids to create loose, wavy curls in your hair


Tight braids create stylish, natural waves. Image.

Divide your hair into inch-thick sections, and create tight braids using each part. The size of your braids will determine the size of your waves – several small, tight braids will give you smaller waves, while a single plait will give you very loose waves.

For the best results, try 3-4 braids of a reasonable tightness. Make sure your braids aren’t too tight, as pulling your hair too tightly can damage it. If you feel discomfort, loosen your brands and start over again.

If your hair is still damp, dry it using your hairdryer. If it’s almost dry, you can let it dry naturally. You will need to leave your hair in braids for about six hours, so if you plan on going to sleep, make sure it’s dry before you get into bed.

After six or more hours have passed, untie your braids and enjoy natural waves that are sure to impress. Make sure you don’t comb or brush your hair at this point, as it will become frizzy and dry instead of loose and curly.

Your waves won’t last forever, but they can last longer with some basic care. Sleep with large curlers in your hair to create loose waves naturally, or top up using your curling iron for the perfect wavy look.

HOW TO French Manicure With Colorful Tip on Tweens #tween #teen #nails

I watched a tutorial on Nails and how to do a french manicure with different color tips, after watching this video tutorial – I went ahead and did this with my own idea based on The Painted Nail tutorial. While my basis of learning how to do what I ultimately did was based on this tutorial, this version I am sharing with you below is my take on the tutorial with a twist of using my own ways. You see, I needed something that was quicker as I have two high energy boys who demand a lot of attention. When taking time to spend with my daughter, I have to ensure that it’s 1) quality time and 2) not going to take so long that my sons demand my attention in the middle. This how to do a colorful tip french manicure is what I created based on my fast paced home life.

Supplies to Do Tween Nail Tips

Once you have all of your supplies ready you will need a flat surface in order for this colorful nail tip procedure to take place properly.

Step 1 – Ensure all old nail polish is off of the nail

Step 2 – Put a bit of nail polish on the tip of the nail; no “nail”? You can work this to make it “appear” as if their are finger nails without having nails – for example my daughter is a nail biter but you can see below it “appears” she has nail tips.

Step 3 – Use the eyeliner brush to dip into the nail polish remover and gently work it to make sure the bottom edge of the nail polish tip looks straight (or jagged for a Halloween look). Do this to each nail after the tip was painted on. Note: Do not use this eyeliner brush for your eyeliner ever again after using it in nail polish remover.

Step 4 – Repeat Step 2 and 3 until all 10 fingers nails are done with colorful tips.

Tween Nail Tips Done at Home

Step 5 -  Once the tips have dried paint each nail with a clear top coat nail polish. This helps hold the color on tips better/longer.

There you have it; a simple way to share mother/daughter time using creativity and colorful imagination. What’s great about this how to is that it doesn’t matter if you have long nails or bit off nails. Who knows, maybe this will assist in getting my daughter to stop biting her finger nails.

Mother and Daughter Homecoming Painted Nails

Homecoming was a couple of weeks ago in my town and with that came my example of trying to show school spirit, because again I will say “a child learns through example of the parent/guardians”. If I don’t get into the spirit of school and show my own school spirit, chances are my children would not either. The best way I figured out how to share school spirit with my daughter on this particular day before she marched in the Homecoming Parade with fellow cheerleaders?

Homecoming Nails

Paint our nails. Orange, Black and White are the school colors – home of the Tigers. I wasn’t going to do the white, because well that’s boring. The orange and black though? Now that sounded like a great idea. I ventured out to the local Rite Aid and picked up a couple cheap bottles of nail polish so that I could have a mother/daughter finger nail painting session that evening.

Beautiful Nails

While I have nails, my daughter bites hers. I can’t blame her, I had the same habit up until I became a Mom. Some point in my motherhood years I simply stopped biting my nails. I know my daughter will eventually stop her biting habit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a mother/daughter finger nail painting session now, with her lack of nails.

Black and Orange Nails

We were really happy with our results and it was a fun bonding experience while we discussed school, boys, friends and cheerleading.

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