Blooming Bath for the New Baby

It’s okay, I am not expecting a baby, I am totally thinking that three kids are quite enough for me, right? Well my sister, on the other hand, has yet to experience the joys of motherhood but she is closing in on being a mother soon. Within just one month my niece shall be born, Miss Olivia will be a new love of my life in addition to the family members I already have. I can not wait to meet her, and what better way to welcome the fact that I will be an auntie for the first time than to get her some much needed and totally amazing products!

Baby Shower Gift

Today I feature Blooming Bath for Babies, a totally cute way to give your newborn a bath in comfort and style. I remember when I gave my babies a bath in the sink; at times they simply were held by one of my arms as the other one worked to use soap and the spray hose on the sink. What a mess that was. Then other times I had a baby bath tub that not so easily set in the sink tub area. What an inconvenient method of bathing a newborn.

Blooming Bath for babies is a cute concept that introduces style and comfort as well as convenience in the field of washing your newborn baby. This cute product will hug into any sink and give that feeling of softness on your babies skin, nothing beats a soft blanket, right? Well think of this as a bath blanket for your baby. Hand made from soft, cuddly materials that also allow for quick and easy washing. Simply squeeze your Blooming Bath out, in the sink of course, and hang to dry. Within 10-15 minutes your Blooming Bath will be dry.

Fun Facts About Blooming Bath for Babies

  • Naturally antimicrobial foam interior and fabrics – no chemicals
  • Parent test, parent approved winner and recognition seal
  • Blooming Bath was imagined by 4 dads
  • A complete hit a baby showers! Will be the talk of your next baby event

The Blooming Bath sells for approximately $39.99 and is available for purchase on the Blooming Bath website as well as Available in Turquoise, Canary Yellow, Hot Pink and Ivory.

Connect with Blooming Bath on Twitter. Connect with Blooming Babies on Facebook.

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Here We Go Again

Kitchen sinks is the topic this week I swear! Maybe it is because I am so sick of looking at the sinks in my home and ready to purchase an Undermount Kitchen Sink so that I can smile when I hit the dish washer nights. I am the dish washer, I do not own a dish washer and even though my eight year old daughter would love to wash dishes as her chore I have a hard time letting her do this as a real chore due to her being gone to her Dad’s a few nights a week and of course attending school in addition to having home work nightly.

Having a variety of Undermount Kitchen Sinks to choose from makes the shopping process a bit difficult. I want a shiny metal looking kitchen sink and a stylish ideally, granite looking bathroom sink with matching bath tub area. I am get so excited thinking about all of the remodeling ideas I have to do small steps at making my house be more appealing on the eyes.

What is one thing you would change in your home to make you feel at home?

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