Having the Best Photography During Your Wedding

When I was married it was in the backyard, a simple wedding just the way I would prefer it and my aunt took most of the pictures during the wedding. My aunt did an amazing job capturing that wedding, and those pictures have been saved for my ex husband and my son’s to enjoy. While having a family member take photographs during a wedding saves money for sure, there are some who prefer a more extravagant wedding with professional photographers and in that case you must be sure to check out all of the options.

Many companies are out there providing exceptional wedding photography options such as halifax wedding photography.  When you pick a wedding photographer you will want to have one that is not only going to capture planned photo moments but also be there to snap photos of various moments that maybe even you did not see. It’s always fun to look back at the moments that your photographer captured during the wedding that you were not even aware of happening.

Kisses For My Lil Princess

I firmly believe the best photographs, wedding or just every day life, are best captured when someone is not posing for that photo. Capturing a moment in the memory of a photograph makes for a cherished memory you can enjoy for years to come. Shown above is a picture of my sweet daughter at my wedding that my aunt captured and I have always loved. It’s a moment of me nuzzling her as I call it, a love kiss with my nose so to speak. A picture perfect moment.

Quite simply put, it’s best to have whom ever you wish to take the photos during your wedding but they must capture wedding photography halifax that is planned and unplanned. Without the unplanned moments captured during your wedding you are not getting the big picture of that wedding day to look back upon. Even though I am divorced, I still cherish all of the moments captured by my aunt on my wedding day, they are memories that my children can look back upon and smile.

Content Disclosure

Please Don’t Be So Impulsive

One of my many faults, if you wish to look at it that way, is that I can be somewhat impulsive. While I do think before acting a majority of the time with big, important decisions -when it comes to my business ventures I sort of just dive in head first and hope it works out. It usually does. When it comes to ideas on what to do for family trips, I dive in and just go with my first brilliant idea, usually that works too.

Picsart App The Daughter

The issue is that now my children are starting to show signs of being impulsive. While my daughter loves singing, she has never done a Broadway show, ever. Currently she auditioned, and made the part, for School House Rock Live Jr. A production being put on in my local town. While the daughter mad one part in two songs and mainly was taken for part of the chorus, she is finding out just what sort of commitment one gives when signing up for such a show that is not part of the school.

My daughter is used to doing random things at the school such as the school concerts and she plays flute in band but when it comes to something like this big deal Opera House show, it’s all new for me and her. Practices are nearly every evening right smack dab in the middle of dinner and bedtime routine for my sons. My daughter is exhausted and starving by the time she is done with rehearsal each night, even though I do feed her before and provide snack to have her eat or bring on way there or home.

Mother and Daughter

It’s taken a toll on my daughter and the family. While my daughter is super excited to be in this show, she is also super ready to take a break after this shows final performances are over, a break from any extra activities so that she can simply just be a kid and enjoy childhood. I am glad she made that decision and maybe next time around, she will now know what type of schedule a Broadway show takes on, meaning she will not be as impulsive to audition.

When I asked her why she auditioned for this, because she has been sort of frustrated with her schedule being tied up – she replied “well I didn’t think I would actually make a part”. I giggled … the director has told her that she has a “loud voice that while being loud can stay on key, in pitch”. I am so proud and cannot wait to see her performance!

I will be Meeting my Niece Soooon

This is the week, today my sister gets to find out when she will be induced. My sister already started effacing and dilating last week. I can not wait to share with you all this upcoming week some of the fantastic goodies I have for my new niece; such as Bottle Pets, a VTech video and audio monitor and much more!

Soon to Be First Time Mom and Auntie

For now, I am patiently waiting for that phone call from my sister to find out when my sister will be induced! She told me stand by the phone and that is what I am doing while working in the office today!

I can not wait to share pics and the story of me being an auntie for the first time! Excited for the first time parents too, my little sis and her husband!

Let’s go Miss Olivia .. can not wait to meet your baby face!

You Can Make Money On YouTube

I was in Walmart during a grocery shopping trip when this worker thought he was in my way, he was overly polite and forgiving while I said it was fine and that I didn’t know which way was up nor down at this moment. I was just spacing out at the freezer section while K-man in the cart was babbling about something and A-man was stomping around laughing.

The worker, apparently impressed by my dramatic boys, said I should record them and put the video up on YouTube, because I would seriously make some money. I had to laugh because I do make some revenue on YouTube with my YouTube Channel. The worker was so insistent upon me recording my sons and putting them up on YouTube, convinced they were amusing enough to get crazy views.

Little does this worker know, I already upload frequent videos, more frequently vlogs of me babbling so I said “yea I know, I already make money on YouTube” and he gave me the ole thumbs up with a smile saying “serious? Way to go!”

Thank goodness he didn’t try to get into a conversation with who I am what I do and all that because them boys o’mine only have a short attention spam in the grocery store so I am not super chatty with strangers if they are running along side of me shopping.  I guess even random people at grocery stores “get” the concept of making money online!

A Brief Recap of my Birthday Weekend {more to come}

I mentioned that yesterday was my birthday, well I also mentioned that Sheila from SheilaCakesBlog is here visiting. I had a fantastic birthday weekend. First I took Sheila around to see the Goshen Ocean {which is really called Gunnison Lake} we took pictures and laughed so hard we cried.

We had a great time being silly and enjoying the view at the lake. Also, I decided to try to pretend I was on a balance beam, while Sheila captured it in a snapshot picture …

Prior to that I had to show off my muscles, because I had been talking about my right arm bicep being all tough and tight while my left bicep is still all flabby-ish due to lack of use…. so now I think I am all strong and stuff.

We ended Saturday with a yummy lunch at Pizza Market in Sunapee-ish, NH area. I had buffalo chicken sub and Sheila had chicken parm sub – yummy!

Then we were off on more adventures …. and ended the Sunday evening with a yummy cake from my daughter who’s Dad brought her by to drop me a cake as well as pick up her flute for band practice. Kiara had also dropped of a home made present – she made me this adorable ladybug keychain!

The weekend was good but now we have to prepare for high winds from Hurricane Sandy …. so hope you all stay safe, stay warm and love my pictures of the birthday weekend. More stories to come!



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