I Met My Love Online: Crystal and David’s Love Story

Today I am sharing a lovely story of two people who met on AOL personals, but by complete accident as Crystal was online trying to help a friend find a guy. When Crystal happened upon David’s ad she thought he was cute and upon being dared by her friend to contact him, she did.

After a month of talking online and over the phone Crystal met David in person. Living about forty-five minutes away from each other the meet was an easy commute. Within nine months they had started planning their wedding, when they found out a nice surprise – they were pregnant! Five months later they were wed and the rest is history!

Since becoming pregnant with their first born, Crystal and David have welcomed another child into their family and are celebrating 13 years together, 12 years of which they have been married.

When I asked if David is the romantic type and what is the most romantic thing he has ever done, Crystal replied, “He is always surprising me with cards or flowers or little gifts/trinkets.  His  timing is always right and he gives me a little pick me up card or gift (sometimes even cooking my favorite foods!) when I am feeling down or just need to smile.  He’s awesome that way!”

This is a true love story based on a simple dare between friends. Ah, I can feel the love in the air.

Be sure to check out what Crystal and David do in their “spare” time to help save the lives of rescued dogs at FurKid Fosters.

I Met My Love Online: EDD and DEE’s Story

Told in Dee’s own words…

I met my spouse in the now defunct AOL chat rooms in 1998. We were in the Buddhist chat room. There were five women and one man talking about the difficulties in getting our families to accept our philosophical choice of non-Judaic/Christian religions.

Someone made the comment that it was difficult to find a man who would accept our decision.

Ed said, I’m a man

Then the discussion turned to the acceptability of Ed as a boyfriend.

I said, he is probably too young or too old.

When everyone revealed their ages there were two of us close to Ed’s age; Myself and another woman.

Then the discussion was who lived closer.

I was the closest,  living within two hours of his home.

The other women encouraged me to meet with Ed.

We met the following weekend at the wedding of a close friend of mine.

Our families still do not accept the Buddhist thing but accept our being together.

Happily Blended asked Dee, was this long distance?

I was living in Harrisburg PA and he was on Long Island, NY 3 ½ hrs away. During the early days of chatting he made an already scheduled move from Long Island to NJ. I was preparing to complete my nursing education and moved from PA to Stony Brook NY. It was like musical chairs. He moved closer I moved further away.

Since we had out computers with us and kept the same online names the ever changing phone numbers weren’t a problem.

We took advantage of the chat room format rather than making phone calls so that I could simultaneously work on my school projects and he could play computer games without offending each other by being inattentive. If we wanted private chat we could create our own room and if we wanted to socialize with others arranged to meet in an already existing chat.

Happily Blended asked Dee, tell me is Edd romantic?

Oh, he isn’t romantic. I will tell you his Valentine’s story. One year he didn’t give me anything. Not a birthday present or a V day gift. We were both visiting Home Depot in April and I saw a drill/ screwdriver set that looked interesting. My hobby is woodwork and I am the person who assembles out IKEA furniture. I put the set in the cart and we eventually checked out. At the checkout ED picked up the drill set and handed it to the sales clerk and said, “I’ll pay for this. Consider it your V’day present.”

He still doesn’t understand why the female sales clerk and I were so put out.
Late. No wrapping. No card and far, far too practical.

But I kept him.

Dee and Edd have known each other 14 years and have been living together for 12 years!

Video Blogging

I love video’s, I often am found using my Flip to record video and upload them to various video hosting sites.  I had previously heard about a site called Viddler but didn’t realize that you could get secure video hosting with Viddler, just knowing that your videos are secure means a lot to someone like me who vlogs (video blogs) often.

Viddler provides video for smb and is a great place to upload videos! I recall a while back I received a Google Alert for brandyellen and guess what? It was one of my old vlogs from a site upload found on AOL video, I couldn’t believe it. So if you are a business owner or blogger who wants to get exposure for your brand or product then you really should start using video I have seen great exposure from using video sites as a way to get my name out there to the world wide web.

You can do a simple video or a more complex one, whatever you are comfortable with. If you visit my video blog page here at Happily Blended you will see that over time my experience with video has become better but when I first started using video for marketing or product reviews they were not as good. Everything in life takes practice, so why not start practicing today? Besides if you are a work at home mom like me then it will give you a reason to get up and do your hair and make up everyday!

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Sometimes A Draft Should Stay a Draft

I set up Google Alerts for everything from my family’s names to my blog name. Google Alerts are a way to ensure I am close to the first to know whenever someone has linked to my name or a family member, this also works well for seeing what type of press is out there for you. As a blogger and a business owner it’s vital you know what is being put out on the internet with your name attached to it.

Today I received a list of Google Alerts for @brandyellen and an AOL website came up. I clicked to go see what this alert was all about and to my amazement it was a link to AOL Video and at that link was an old review I happened to create for Vitals.com back when my website was writingsofawahm.com. This isn’t a huge deal, I don’t mind if my video reviews that were originally uploaded to my YouTube channel end up on another website, after all it’s publicity in one way and another.

There are times when you may see that something has been shared that you didn’t want the world to know, let’s say you are angry about a situation in your life and decide to publicly vent about the situation, well you may not want that ending up as part of a local news station coverage, so remember when you upload anything to the internet that you never know who is going to read it, who is going to link to it and well make sure it’s something that you do not mind that someone else links to it.

This holds true for sharing pictures of your family. A little while back a blogger friend of mine had her family photo stolen from her website and used for an advertisement in a foreign country.  There is probably little she can do, and I haven’t heard much more about this situation, but it acts as a simple reminder that you should be weary of what you share online and that you make sure your website link is attached to the picture, video or blog post that is listed online. First this keeps the “source” as YOU and second it keeps “your name” attached to the image, video or blog post.

It’s okay to vent, it’s okay to write about it, but sometimes a draft is meant to stay a draft copy. Get what I mean?

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