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I was introduced to a new website called The Christmas Registry and wanted to share a bit about it with you because it is that time of year; the time in which children are making those wish lists and their eyes are bright ready for that big red suit man to come down the chimney leaving surprise gifts for Christmas morning.

Let’s get started, of course you can watch the video tutorial on but I want to share my experiences and details with you personally. A grown up must created a username and password for children to log in for starters. Once you have created a login for your child they can enter the details and enter the North Pole area. The North Pole has three options; The Activity Center, The Wish List Center and The North Pole Post Office. In this same screen your child can check their naughty/nice level. I love the idea of having a naughty/nice level, this is the easiest time of year to encourage my children to be nice rather than naughty. While, as a parent, I encourage giving and being nice all year round it seems that big red suit man seems to be more of an incentive to get the children to think twice before reacting. Maybe I should start wearing a big red suit?

The Christmas Registry Grown Up page

The Activity Center

Here you can learn to make crafts, play games and even see recipe ideas all geared towards the holiday season. The craft ideas are so cute and something that all three of my children would love to make together. Each weekend when we have my three kids and the boyfriend’s two kids here, we try to find crafts to do together. I think The Christmas Registry is really going to help us out on the next weekend all of the kids are here. Moving on from crafts, my middle child is a big gamer and he would love the choices of games offered in the activity center on this website! I would have fun watching him race Santa and partake in the other game options available. Last but not least, check out the recipes from Mrs Claus, I know my daughter and my boyfriend’s daughter enjoy baking together in the kitchen so this would be their one stop spot on a weekend when they get bored.

The Wish List Center

 Here your child can explore 22 different toy categories or search directly for their favorite toy. As your child goes through all of the toys they can click the “add to wish list” button which in turn will add that toy to their Christmas wish list. Your child can send their wish list to Santa.

North Pole Post Office and Naughty/Nice Meter

Your child can check into the naughty/nice meter from time to time and see what Santa thinks of their behavior this holiday season. Next they can actually send a letter directly to Santa in the North Pole post office center. Santa will even write your child back!


This is a free to join site, but a grown up  must set up their child’s account.

As with most sites geared towards children, you want to ensure that your child is safe utilizing a website like this, that is where I share the note from one of the creators of the site;

We have gone to great lengths to make this site safe for children. We only gather the bare minimum of information from the child and grown-up users. Furthermore, we’ve designed the site in a manner that puts the grown-up in complete control of the child log-ins. We pull a feed from for the toys & books that we display in the wish list section on the child side of the site (We have approximately 60,000 Items). If you’ve ever gone to Amazon and looked in the toy section (example: Fantasy Figures) you’ll notice that there are a lot of toys that are not for children. We’ve made extensive efforts to filter out all those inappropriate items. As a parent of two children I value all these efforts and I hope that the users of the site will as well.

What are you waiting for? Get on over to The Christmas Registry today and sign up your child or children {you can have more than one child under your grown up account}, watch as they have a blast surfing around the site, playing games, checking how nice they have been or even looking at crafts they want to do with you as a family! It’s free to join so there’s no risk just to give it a whirl.

If you try this site please leave a comment below telling me what your child and you thought of it! The owners would love to hear feedback!

Time For a Second Kindle Fire?

Kindle FireLately there have been five children around, hanging out, enjoying the part time company of each other. Ages 12 down to age 4 makes for what one would think of as a crazy mix of age groups, however, all five kids get along so well that I nearly have to pinch myself to ensure I am not living in a dream land when these kids are together.

The only downfall to having five children altogether is that I own one Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire I own is a loved tablet in this household, it is also a loved tablet of the extra two wonderful children who spend time with us. After much consideration, we have decided that a new Kindle Fire must be purchased at some point.

Kre O TransformersAll of the kids enjoy playing hide n seek, doing crafts, building with Kre-O blocks as well as other imagination type play, however, when that gets “boring” they want to use technology to entertain themselves. That means the Wii, the Playstation, the laptop, or the Kindle Fire. With one Kindle Fire, this turns into a true test of how well each child knows how to take turns. They succeed at this for the most part.

I am just thinking that when tax refund has come upon us that some funds must be used to not only pay back any outstanding loans or bills due but to also purchase the new Kindle Fire HD tablet, as it’s the least expensive option out there and it’s been loved so much in my household that I know a second one would be perfect .. that is when/if it can be afforded.

Baby Bargain Monday – Baby Deals from

JJ Cole Original Bundlemee – fantastic for use in car seats and strollers to keep little ones warm. Having never seen this before, I can imagine it would be a wonderful way to help keep baby warm without the fuss of keeping a blanket on them during travel, walks and outtings. Price as of the time I wrote this post is $35.11 on


Go Mama Go Designs reversible teething guard. Oh I never had one of these on the cribs for any of the three children but I can honestly say I wish I had. I recall with my two sons saying “I wish there was something to keep them from chewing on that paint that is on the crib” and well, apparently there is a product for that. This is adorable and certainly a steal at $19.99 during Baby Bargain Monday at

The Hoohobbers Moses Basket is just adorable. I loved having a basket bassinet type thing for my middle child when he was first born, this really helped keeping me from co-sleeping during mid night nursing sessions but kept him close by for easy reach over when he woke up hungry. The price is down $10 and listed at $140.00 right now during Baby Bargain Monday at


The Belmama and Cherub Shower Hug is a fantastic baby shower gift for the expecting mom. This product is said to help sooth breast pain associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding and more. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Right now it’s priced at $25.22 on


All products shown are linked with my affiliate link which means if you purchase anything I may gain a small percentage, but this does not change your normal deals at now nor in the future. These are products I felt worthy of sharing, as I plan my sisters virtual baby shower. All images are taken from listing page.

Apps I Can’t Live Without on my Kindle Fire

I haven’t talked much about my Kindle Fire, because I rarely use it anymore. I most certainly will start using it again when I can afford to buy the Prime Account for that was an awesome 30 day trial I received with my Kindle Fire. For now the kids enjoy my Kindle Fire, but in order to ensure that the four year old doesn’t get into anything I don’t want him to, such as my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts – I use an app to protect my beloved Kindle.

This is a fun kid safe app where it locks down the whole Kindle so that your child can not open anything you have not set to be available to them while in this application. The cool thing is that in order to exit this application one must enter a code or draw a Z, whichever option you set up within the parental controls, meaning the kids are stuck in it once you load the app.

I love that each child has their own account within Zoodles and their games are based on age groups. Each week Zoodles sends you a progress report on your child too, this way you know what your child has been up to while on the Kindle. Each child can have a picture of themselves so that even my four year old knows to click on his face to enter his account (even though he chooses to click on his siblings faces from time to time & play their games).  I highly recommend Zoodles and it’s free but can be upgraded to premium membership.

Friendcaster for Facebook is another app that I adore. It’s an easy way to connect with your Facebook friends and network from the Kindle. I am often found using this app while waiting for my sons to be asleep, it’s easy to navigate and works very smoothly for those familiar with a normal Facebook screen. No tricks to get it to work like Facebook on the web and it’s free.

Hootsuite happens to be the app I use for Twitter from my web so it was no wonder I had to download it onto my Kindle. I have the same feelings for this app as I do for Friendcaster for Facebook – it’s a fabulous addition to my Kindle and allows me to network easily from anywhere inside of my house while connected to my secure WiFi network.

When there is some down time, I enjoy the game Where’s my Water with the kids. I get super frustrated with this maze like game where you have to get the water down to the gator so he can take a shower, but the kids? They rock it. Good team work skills and planning for them while engaging them as you can click on the gator and he interacts with the kids (and me). This is a must have game to try with the kids, I downloaded it free in the Kindle Store.

My Son Has His First Library Card

The day has arrived, Mister Aj knows how to write his name and this means he is old enough to get a town library card. To receive a town library card is really exciting for my five year old son, because he has watched as his sister has used hers through out the years. You see, Miss Ki has had her library card since age five and she’s now nine years old. Due to parking restrictions at the school, meaning parking spots completely full, I had to park at the town library one day then walk up to pick the kids up from school. I realized two things this particular day 1) I miss walking to get the kids from school and 2) I could use getting a library card as a reason for a fun walk {Aj hates walking}.

After walking to the school and getting Mister Aj we walked back to the town library where we dropped off his school backpack and headed into the library to say hello to the children’s librarian {our long time friend & my old babysitter from when I was a kid} and then proceeded to find out if Aj could indeed get his town library card finally. The person at the desk stated Aj needs to write his first and last name, I was bummed. I knew Aj was aware of letters but never has he written his last name down, so I took a piece of scrap paper and had Aj write his first name, then I proceeded to tell him the letters of his last name; then it happened – my son wrote his first and last name for the first time together perfectly!

Aj was soooo excited and proud of himself, we did the paperwork and he received his official town library card. By this time my three year old was done and so ready to go home but you can’t get your first library card and not check out a book or two. The boys and I headed over the children’s library area and I let Aj search for the perfect book and he picked two; one from a local writer in town and another called I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato. More to come about that tomato book soon.

This was a proud moment but yet another moment that reminds me my children are growing up way too fast.

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