How do you Get Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes?

Social media is a big deal, many companies are coming on board or already on board with social media because they have realized the impact their engagement with customers has on their business advancement. Customers and prospects enjoy seeing their favorite brands interacting on Facebook and Twitter because it puts a more personal “you care about me” attitude out there. When customers feel cared for, businesses grow tremendously!

What happens when you are more of a blogger or a business that doesn’t really sell anything but rather shares knowledge on a specific niche? How is it that you engage people in a unique way to get more Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes? After all being in social media means you have a want and a need to reach your potential readers or service users.  One great way to engage in social media to increase numbers is to create one day a week when you ask a question and each month you could have different topic ideas based on what the National Holiday is for that month.

Asking questions and getting into the minds of your following really helps you to reach those people’s friends and friends of those friends, etc etc, until maybe you get some more likes and follows. There are other ways to get more likes on Facebook and Follows on Twitter, but I have not yet tried them. You can do a facebook like exchange  where you like other pages & these pages reciprocate your like.

One rule I try to live by in social media networking is to return the favor of a like or an @ reply on Twitter. You see, when you are networking it is vitally important to ensure your following and loyal online connections feel important. A person online is not going to feel real important to you if they like your status daily and @ reply you daily but you never talk back to them or head to their profile/page to like something in return. It’s sort of a rule of etiquette in social media to return favors to those who interact with you.

What methods have you used to increase your likes on Facebook and following on Twitter? Have you ever done a facebook like exchange before? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Twitter Alerts: The Start of a Successful Marketing Plan

All too often Twitter users are online tweeting it up about their random thoughts or whatever they may be up to at that moment when all of a sudden a business tweets back at them. This puts the Twitter user in amazement or curiosity, “how did this business find me to @ reply me?”

There is an amazing tool offered by a variety of websites such as TweetBeep or Twilert that allow a person or business to sign up for free and get daily alerts, instant alerts or weekly alerts as to when someone is on Twitter talking about keywords pertaining to their brand. This alert feature works very similar to a Google Alert except this tracks tweets.

If you are a business looking to get the attention of the average consumer that utilizes Twitter on a daily basis then you will want to set up a marketing plan that includes having Twitter alerts. Although utilizing Twitter alerts may mean paying more hours to an in house employee or a sub-contractor, it will prove to be the most successful start to your marketing plan this year!

Twitter Alerts help you to gain immediate access to the consumer when they need your product the most or curious about your product the most. Let’s say a consumer just watched a commercial about your product & they started tweeting about it, happens all of the time. If you are the business this consumer saw and started tweeting about and you have Twitter alerts setup then you would be able to reply instantly or within a day or two depending upon how you have your alerts filtered to notify you.

Once you @ reply the consumer they are more apt to engage in a conversation with you and even if they do not purchase your product, they have now @ replied you in front of their followers and more will see that you are a truly “real” brand and that person’s followers will want to follow you. Twitter alerts not only help you be in real time with marketing efforts but also show Twitter users that you truly care about the consumer and are willing to engage in real conversations about your product.

When you market your business in a more personal way you will find that consumers trust you more, purchase from you first and keep coming back when the need arises.

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Facebook: A Useful Tool if You Utilize it Correctly

When it comes to social media marketing you have to put the old school marketing approach on the back burner, meaning traditional marketing methods do not usually work online with social media marketing. Many businesses have a Facebook Fan page where people can “like” their page and interact with them. Various consumers can visit a business’ Facebook Fan page and “like” them then leave a comment on their wall about how their product changed their life or how their services are amazing. This word of mouth free of cost advertising can truly pay off for a business.

There are mutiple pros to having a Facebook Fan Page:

  • Personalized approach to interaction with prospects, customers and clients.
  • Customizable options for a welcome landing page to offer discounts or special news with new fans.
  • Interaction through more personal conversations engage your fans and increase fan numbers.

One way that businesses are starting to utilize their Facebook Fan page is through sponsored conversations, whether the company has an in house employee or sub contractor hired to post conversation starters on their page, it has held true that marketing through a non-branding strategy works to sell your product and/or service to consumers.

Engaging your fan base is a vitally important part of having a Facebook page, you set this page up to do more than just share your deals and services all day long, right? You have a business and want to show people that are you real, true to your market and want to really engage them to hear insight on their life as it may pertain to your products. Maybe you are a positive living lifestyle coach and you have your Facebook Fan page all setup ready to use but not sure how to get your numbers up and engage your fan base.  If you have a Facebook Fan page for your positive lifestyle coaching business I bet the best type of conversations to engage your fan base wouldn’t discuss the services you offer but instead offer some insight to how they could live their life positive or ask questions such as “What is one thing you are going to do today to relax the mind & soul for a happy day?” or “Tell me one type of snack food that you eat daily to help increase your energy without high sugar content”.

These conversation starters are the best way to nonchalantly engage your followers and have a conversation. Of course you can input tips and talk about services you offer in a way that makes sense during the conversation too, but try not to be to pushy. Believe it or not having these sort of conversations will truly build up your fan base and when more people are talking on your page other friends of your fan base will see this which means more numbers for your Facebook Fan page.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start engaging your fan base, you can thank me later when you see your numbers and interactions climb!

Social Media Is The Place to Get Noticed

Anyone how has been following me on Twitter, Facebook and my blogs online knows how strongly I feel about using Social Media Marketing as a way to gain clients, word of mouth exposure, friendships and sales. A majority of my clients I have at Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions came from Twitter and the others came from word of mouth through testimonials from clients via Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media has opened the doors to not only large business but small businesses and entrepreneurs like myself to get moving forward faster than that of traditional marketing.  I know that if I see a person is on Twitter I search for them, review their social media profiles and it really helps give you an idea of the kind of person or business they are so that you can then determine whether you want to work with them or have them on your team.

Social Media Marketing is low cost, effective and at the moment advertising that allows you to reach your prospects one on one in real time.

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Social Networking Sites and Relationships

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It never fails I turn on the news or surf the web and find these stories of men and woman who have cheated on their significant other through social networking sites like Facebook. It seems Facebook is getting a lot of media coverage but it’s not for the way it helps work at home entrepreneurs earn a living, it’s the negative of how Facebook is so bad it is destroying relationships.

I find this absolutely ridiculous, come on! If a person is leaving their “loved one” for another person through a meeting online via Facebook then there were more issues in that relationship than meets the eyes. It’s like when everyone wanted to judge me for the decision my ex and I made to no longer be married, they wanted to say how good of a pair we were and all that, but reality is if you are not the person living behind closed doors then you have no clue how that relationship is in private.

Honestly if you or your “loved one” have cheated or left due to spending time on Facebook connecting with an “old flame” then you had more issues than just a  social networking site. This is no joke, the world is turning to a point where everyone wants to blame another person for their actions. Wake up world, you are the only person who makes the decisions for your life, if you have left or been left by a person who spent a lot of time on a social networking site then you may want to take a look in the mirror, sit down and think, really think about your relationship together and I bet you will find signs that the person who left you was already unhappy.

I am a big fan of being honest and not cheating, if you are not happy in your current situation do everything in your power to resolve the issues in the relationship before leaving the person or running off to have an affair. Old flames are old flames for a reason and there is no purpose behind living in the past, you will only find yourself unhappy in the end.

I say stop blaming Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, take a look in the mirror and blame the two people involved in the relationship. We all are adults and we make our own decisions, be certain the decisions you are making are for a happier, healthier life no matter what that choice is. Others may never understand but who cares, just don’t blame social networking sites for a failed relationship!

Questions for Thought: Have you personally experienced a cheater from them meeting up with an old flame they connected with on a social networking site? Did you find your true love through a social networking site? I would love for you to share your story here at Happily Blended so if you or a loved one met the love of their life through social networking please contact me to share your story as a guest post on Happily Blended!

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