E-Cigarettes – The New Generation of Smoking?

You walk into a store and there are displays showing you that Electronic Cigarettes are a more traditional way to get your nicotine fix without the other side effects that come with smoking a regular cigarette. Some see them as a way to be able to smoke on company property while working. You see, many businesses are getting a deduction in insurance if they have a smoke free facility, this means e-cigarettes are becoming something a lot of employees have started to use as a way to get their nicotine fix at their smoke free work environment.

While e-cigarettes are fairly new to our market, as least from my standpoint, I can see how they could benefit many people. Children are the first to think about with this; many parents still smoke cigarettes in their homes with children inside and vehicles while they drive their children around. Second hand smoke is really bad for you, with e-cigarettes you cut out that risk of allowing your child second hand smoke exposure. When walking out in public with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, many passer byers will get that second hand smoke but with e-cigarettes it’s simply a vapor that doesn’t affect anyone around you. This seems to be a win-win for many who are choosing to make the switch.

Not only are you decreasing the effects of second hand smoke for those around you, but many accept e-cigarettes over the traditional cigarettes for many reasons; no second hand smoke exposure, cleaner for our air and e-cigarettes look prettier in some cases. With such a wide range of e-cigarettes out on the market today, it’s no wonder many are starting to make the switch. No longer is it “cool” to have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, society no longer accepts smokers. It’s a sad reality for many cigarette smokers. E-cigarettes have fewer stigmas attached to them, thus making it easier to smoke in public without feeling as if all eyes are on you.

It seems to be that e-cigarettes are really a better option for health reasons because they don’t have all of that extra junk in them filling your lungs up as you inhale the vapors. There are many brands, such as 21stCenturysmoke, that offer a variety of strengths and flavors for you to try if you are in the market for e-cigarettes. It’s all a matter of making the decision to switch from traditional cigarettes to the new generation of cigarettes; E cigs.

Are Legends Born or Made?

“This post is sponsored by Heineken”

Are legends born, or made? To find out Heineken®, as part of its latest global campaign ‘Voyage’, is undertaking it’s most daring experiment yet.  This campaigns mission is to truly test what men are made of by dropping them into the wilderness with nothing but a plane ticket to get home, a tuxedo and the nearest airport is miles away. I have always believed that when given no choice, our adrenaline kicks into high gear and we can survive anything as human kind. Let’s see what this campaign shows us about that theory of mine.

This video is introducing you to ‘Voyage’, a new campaign from Heineken® that takes different men from across the world and drops them in remote global locations with nothing but the most basic of supplies and directions. The result is ‘Dropped’ – a series of episodic adventures as we follow the participants to see if they can survive.

On the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel viewers will be able to follow each ‘Dropped’ voyage, access documentary-style content and also contribute their own video entries to the ‘casting couch’ -  with a chance to be able to partake in their own Dropped voyage. 

To me, it sounds as if ‘Dropped’ shall be placing people based on their own personality traits, let’s say someone thinks that they are the most outgoing person in the world, then they will have to face that personality trait they feel they have and allow the Voyage to test that beyond normal limits. I may be wrong, but I think that is the general concept I gathered from watching the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel, what do you think about this new campaign?

Is Your Broadband Fast Enough?

What carrier do you use for your broadband coverage? Here, where I live, I have to use whatever is available and the fastest possible option because of the fact that the Internet is where I make a living from. Writing, publishing, editing and using social media is all my avenue of money making, so without any form of Internet connection I would be out of a job. Without a job, there is no income from me. Without income, well you know where that will lead. No where fast.

Getting back to the talk of broadband service, virgin media broadband offers up to 60mb and a Virgin phone for a low price.  It appears that Virgin media broadband has a few packages available to save you extra money in the first six months. I personally love when a company can save you money in the first 6-12 months because that can really help you to get on your feet icome wise then upgrade as needed later. I am all for saving money now and waiting til later to see if you need to find another savings with this company or if you can afford it.

For me, having even a six month time period of savings off of the regular costs makes me able to save money for that period to end. I love being able to save money in the forefront so that I can put that extra money in savings or pay other bills with it. Having broadband is important, even without someone like me who works from home, because it allows relatives, friends and loved ones to stay connected.

What carrier do you use for Broadband?

So Many Digital TV Packages Available

As our family works to try to see what costs we can cut while I work on getting back into a full time hours schedule we are looking around at cutting the cost of our digital television, after all, the adults in the house very rarely watch it so what is the point in over paying for something. While upon our search I noticed that a company called BT has digital TV in some areas and that BT packages offer a wide range of not only television, but phone and broadband as well. Currently BT has over 18 million customers in the UK alone with service available in over 170 countries, so while they  may not be an option here for our budget needs, it’s cool to see what others have for options on our planet Earth.

Having a combined package, no matter what company you are able to use, ultimately saves money across the board but what happens when your package is more than you need? Make sure while searching for the right-for-you telecommunications company that they not only offer a variety but that if you wish to downgrade a package deal that you won’t be stuck wondering how you will ever get out of the packaged deal.  Most companies will work well with you to ensure that you are getting your television, broadband internet and phone needs met. I love how great customer service reps are for most telecommunications companies in that they will speak with you, evaluate what you may need for service and package you up with the most affordable and realistic option for the family.

Whether you use BT or another telecommunications carrier, it’s all about ensuring that your family is staying within budget and having your needs met in a packaged deal if need be. What company do you use for telecommunications?

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

I love Mary Poppins, each time my kids have to take any medication I am forever singing “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down..” and they look at my like I have done lost my mind.

Today I share with you that on December 10th, Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary DVD Blu-ray Combo pack will be available for sale. Above is the trailer for this release!

Please do tell me, what is your favorite part from Mary Poppins?

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