Is Your Broadband Fast Enough?

What carrier do you use for your broadband coverage? Here, where I live, I have to use whatever is available and the fastest possible option because of the fact that the Internet is where I make a living from. Writing, publishing, editing and using social media is all my avenue of money making, so without any form of Internet connection I would be out of a job. Without a job, there is no income from me. Without income, well you know where that will lead. No where fast.

Getting back to the talk of broadband service, virgin media broadband offers up to 60mb and a Virgin phone for a low price.  It appears that Virgin media broadband has a few packages available to save you extra money in the first six months. I personally love when a company can save you money in the first 6-12 months because that can really help you to get on your feet icome wise then upgrade as needed later. I am all for saving money now and waiting til later to see if you need to find another savings with this company or if you can afford it.

For me, having even a six month time period of savings off of the regular costs makes me able to save money for that period to end. I love being able to save money in the forefront so that I can put that extra money in savings or pay other bills with it. Having broadband is important, even without someone like me who works from home, because it allows relatives, friends and loved ones to stay connected.

What carrier do you use for Broadband?

So Many Digital TV Packages Available

As our family works to try to see what costs we can cut while I work on getting back into a full time hours schedule we are looking around at cutting the cost of our digital television, after all, the adults in the house very rarely watch it so what is the point in over paying for something. While upon our search I noticed that a company called BT has digital TV in some areas and that BT packages offer a wide range of not only television, but phone and broadband as well. Currently BT has over 18 million customers in the UK alone with service available in over 170 countries, so while they  may not be an option here for our budget needs, it’s cool to see what others have for options on our planet Earth.

Having a combined package, no matter what company you are able to use, ultimately saves money across the board but what happens when your package is more than you need? Make sure while searching for the right-for-you telecommunications company that they not only offer a variety but that if you wish to downgrade a package deal that you won’t be stuck wondering how you will ever get out of the packaged deal.  Most companies will work well with you to ensure that you are getting your television, broadband internet and phone needs met. I love how great customer service reps are for most telecommunications companies in that they will speak with you, evaluate what you may need for service and package you up with the most affordable and realistic option for the family.

Whether you use BT or another telecommunications carrier, it’s all about ensuring that your family is staying within budget and having your needs met in a packaged deal if need be. What company do you use for telecommunications?

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

I love Mary Poppins, each time my kids have to take any medication I am forever singing “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down..” and they look at my like I have done lost my mind.

Today I share with you that on December 10th, Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary DVD Blu-ray Combo pack will be available for sale. Above is the trailer for this release!

Please do tell me, what is your favorite part from Mary Poppins?

Playing No Deposit Online Casinos

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I have heard of many people who play online casinos, it’s fun for people who can’t travel to a casino and play in real life. I can completely understand the idea of playing a game to entertain yourself, after all with busy lives these days it seems we all need a little hobby to keep the mind fresh for a new day. As with any online game system you can find bonuses out there as well as codes to make more money with the game or get more lives, what have you. It all depends upon what game you are playing for what type of bonus you may be seeking, for online casino games you would be looking for a casino bonus so that you can make your money back, I assume.

Placing bets and playing online casinos is not my sort of thing in all realty, I haven’t really grown up playing too many casino type games where I would be able to reap the benefits from such an online game. I can, however, see the fun behind getting a no deposit bonus so that you can play online casinos cheaper and hopefully have a better percent rate of making money back.  Based on most of what I have read with online casino game play is that there is a deposit required for a majority of casino games, which makes sense to me because I can assume you have to have betting chips in real life which cost money.

There are benefits to casino playing online because you can search out no deposit casino bonus codes which will in turn help you to start off playing in an online casino environment without paying out the butt for deposits. I am all for saving money, even if that is with online casino game play. For those who play online casinos, you may understand this concept of doing a no bonus code, basically once you meet the requirements, you will end up having a maximum payout of even $100 using the no deposit casino bonuses.

Whatever your online pleasure is, I can completely understand why one would rather play casinos online than try to travel somewhere to do such fun. Hopefully this will help those who are seeking no deposit bonuses for online casinos now or in the future. Happy game playing friends!

What on Earth would I use an Axle Scale for?

I personally wouldn’t need an axle scale, but in the past I have dated men who work on vehicles or drive large rigs for their job. Having a variety of floor scales and such would make sense for someone who runs a garage per say, and I have known many who had a dream of one day being an auto mechanic running their own garage so why not have a floor scale for that? or an axle scale, right?

Platform scale

Basically being that many people are starting to find ways to run their own business in a niche that is their specialty, I could see many wanting to get into the field of working on vehicles and such. A field of working on vehicles makes sense because we will always need someone to work on our rigs, right? I know right now my car is ready to go bye bye. The car isn’t big enough and I really just am having issues as far as little fixes here and there that end up adding up. Brand new everything to do with brakes has been done and I am just ready to be a mini-van again. I miss having that space a family van offers.

For those who really are interested in getting or need to go floor scales or axle scales, provides platform scales so feel free to check them out or pass along this to someone who will benefit from their products.

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