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Today I am sharing a guest post from Leading Lady’s Director of Design, Haidee Johnstone, who has been expertly tailoring bras for over 20 years and has some great insights on how to find the ideal fit.

Leading Lady Nursing, Breatfeeding and Maternity Bras

The three most important factors in selecting a bra are:  Fit, Comfort and Support.

Proper fit is essential to the health of your breasts. The right fit will help prevent sagging, chafing and keep breasts dry, supported and comfortable in even the most strenuous conditions.

So, how do you achieve the perfect fit? Leading Lady’s fit-conscious designer shares her tips for achieving the ideal fit, maximizing comfort and ensuring proper support.

Here are some common signs you may not be wearing the correct size:

  • If you can see part of your breasts sticking out of the neckline or the underarm, your bra cup is too small for your breast.
  • If the bra cup looks wrinkled on your breasts, it is probably too large.
  • You should not be using any of the under-bust elastic as part of the cup.  If you are, it means the cup is not big enough for your breast.
  • Your bra should sit down on both your front and your back.  If it is pulling up, the band is most likely too large for your frame and you will not get the correct amount of support.

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How can you achieve your ideal fit, support & comfort?


  • Look at yourself in a mirror.  Your breasts should appear supported and sit up on your chest.
  • Remember that many women are between sizes, so you may need to try a size up or down to get the best fit.
  • Read the fit guide. Every company has their own idea of what represents the best fit so this is a great way to make sure the cup and band sizes are correct for you.

Comfort & Support:

  • Make sure the shoulder straps of your bra stay in place when you are in motion.  If they slip off the shoulder or cut into the shoulder, adjust the straps or try a different size bra.
  • Wider and padded shoulder straps will help to keep weight stress dispersed over a larger area for greater comfort.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps will accommodate your individual needs, depending on your height and the weight of your breasts.

Wear bras that are best suited to your individual needs.

Full Figure Bras:

  • The fuller the breast the more support is needed, so look for a bra that has both encapsulation and light compression so that you still have full range of motion but have less strain and sagging.
  • Great support means a bra that encapsulates the breasts.
  • Compression is helpful to prevent your breasts from bouncing. Remember — breasts move in more than one direction, up and down as well as side to side.

Maternity or Nursing Bras:

  • It is even more important to have support at this time because the breast changes size with the advance of pregnancy and when it is either full of milk or not – when nursing, your breast can change size many times a day!
  • Look for just the right amount of compression so that your breasts do not bounce. Too much compression will not be comfortable because breasts are more sensitive during pregnancy and nursing.
  • Stay away from cups that have added material or features that can cause irritation on sensitive breasts or nipples.

And always remember to replace your bras when they are worn out and no longer provide the support you need.

The Decision to Breastfeed

Since I am going to be at Type-A Parent Conference and of course have to plan that trip and such I decided now would be the time to bring up some of my really old blog posts. I am talking from 2008-2009 era, I hope you enjoy and if you were not a subscriber back then well you will get some new content topics to comment on! Happy Reading!

Making the decision to breastfeed is a very personal one, many people have heard horror stories and many may have family who feels this is not an okay thing to do. Whatever your decision ends up being, this article is about those who finally made the decision to breastfeed. Just some of the many stories & opinions other Moms and myself have heard are:

  • Friends who had babies and thought breastfeeding was just disgusting.
  • You are limited on what food you can eat, and can not drink alcohol.
  • Public breastfeeding is condoned.
  • Mom who works outside of the house can’t breastfeed.
  • Breastfeeding will take up all your time.
  • Breastfeeding babies sleep less and wake more often for feedings.

I am sure many of you have heard other stories that just make the decision to breastfeed even harder. I would like to touch on all the points above with a rebuttal:

  • Breastfeeding is not disgusting, honestly, how can such a natural way to feed our baby be deemed “disgusting”. Before formula was created Moms had no other choice but to use the method they were born with to feed their babies – their breasts and with advanced technology a mom can now pump and feed a baby breastmilk in a bottle if the nursing on the breast seems “disgusting” to them.
  • Although it’s recommended to eat a proper diet and get proper amount of fluids into your system to help keep your energy and milk supply up – really you don’t “have” to change your diet. I personally still eat hot Italian sausage, pizza, and much more. Although eating high fatty foods will make you more sleepy, really you can eat whatever you want honestly!
  • Public nursing has become something that society is accepting. The more moms choose to breastfeed the more society will accept this natural ability to feed our babies! Many restaurants will even allow you to nurse at a table while eating dinner {although I am not yet comfortable doing this myself}. Some states have even created laws to protect a Moms right to nurse in public!
  • If you are a working mom – who works outside of the home or inside for that matter – you can still breastfeed your baby. There are so many ways to get around this – pumping ahead of time and storing milk in the freezer – this allows the care giver to feed your baby while you are away! Breast milk may be stored in a freezer for 3-4 months and still be good to use!
  • I personally feel that formula feeding takes up more of your time than breastfeeding. Think about it – when you want to get out the door fast you don’t have to pack anything extra – babies food is always there because it’s YOU.
  • I will say based on my own personal experience breastfed babies do seem to wake more often than formula fed babies in the beginning, but so do most formula fed babies. It’s all in the baby and his/her age really!

The fact that you can’t drink alcohol while breastfeeding just got better. No more pumping and dumping, thanks to a product invented by Julie Jumonville. The product is called Milkscreen and it was created to help extend the life of breastfeeding and give woman a tool to make sure they are not passing anything negative onto baby if they occasionally consume alcohol! Milkscreen is affordable and is one of the products that makes you say, “why didn’t I think of that”. Head on over to UpSpring Baby to find out more about MilkScreen and buy yourself a kit today if you plan on or think you may occasional consume alcohol while breastfeeding!

I hope this has helped shed some light on the decision to breastfeed.

The Day I Breastfed on YouTube

For some reason the other night I decided to search on YouTube for Brandyellen1981 (my YouTube Username) and up pops my Go Pillow video review from years ago when I used to use for this blog domain. I was watching it and realized oh my goodness, I actually was breastfeeding baby K in that video! No you can’t see any body parts but seriously check this out….

So … see breastfeeding should be treated as something completely natural, it’s not a big deal. Breastfeeding or formula or bottle feeding is simply a choice we all make as parents. My three children had a little bit of both – breastfed and formula, so I guess I was a “both” kind of mommy.

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Would you do a video like this one on YouTube or would you show it all or not at all?

Baby K Won’t Nurse

baby kIt’s been going on for a week or two now, Baby K has lost interest in nursing and my milk supply has suffered from his lack of nursing. It’s a sad time for me, because he is my last baby, and he is growing up. I thought he would be hard to wean and here he is weaning off around the same age his sister did years ago. I should have known Baby K would have weaned around the same time as big sissy because he is so much like her in other ways.

Baby K reminds me of those happy times when my oldest was a baby. He is so happy, very interactive and babbles a lot.  He has now shown an interest in a sippy cup and enjoys drinking formula. I am nervous about this transition because funds are tight and formula is expensive. If only I could win a three month supply of Enfamil – wow that would be fantastic!

Now that Baby K won’t nurse I am a bit sad, lost so to speak because I have always been the one to feed him, now my husband feeds him to sleep with a bottle after I nurse him the little bit he will take. In a way it’s a happy time, he is showing his independence and I get some much needed time away. I am trying to focus on the positive rather than the negative {in my opinion} of formula feeding.

So many moms feed their children formula and they turn out fine. I even fed AJ formula from eight weeks on. So as my children get older and more independent I find myself lonely, wondering how long it will be before they are grown. Sometimes I wish I could just keep them little just a bit longer, but I know they must grow up and spread their wings in this place we call Earth.

I will try to remain positive, and stop worrying about formula. I will also try to find a way to get some samples so that we don’t go broke over the rising cost of food and now formula. 

As if having two in diapers wasn’t hard enough on our wallets ;-)

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Nizo Wear: Comfort By Design Nursing Bras

Breastfeeding symbol
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As part of my breastfeeding series, I was reviewing various products in hopes to find a great list of resources for Moms who will be or are currently nursing. When I happened up Nizo Wear I realized I just had to give their products a try. As a nursing mom of three children, the one problem I had was finding a nursing bra that was comfortable, stylish and allowed for easy nursing. Nizo Wear is exactly that; comfortable, stylish nursing bras for any Mom.

About Nizo Wear:

Inspired by real life experiences of the founder, Nicole Zoellner, who after becoming pregnant with her son decided that she would breastfeed her newborn child. Nicole was one of the many moms who found breastfeeding to be somewhat distressing at times, and darn right painful. After searching for some relief, Nicole found that there was little help out there for a nursing mom looking to get seme relief. The best advice Nicole found was to use warm compresses before and after nursing; well she just knew there had to be a better answer.

Nicole set out to find something practical for nursing moms, a way for them to enjoy the special bond breastfeeding allows for baby and mom, which is hard to enjoy when having painful breastfeeding experiences. Her design was patented and so Nizo Wear was born!

Why Nizo Wear Bras Are Different:

As stated above, nursing bras were the hardest part in breastfeeding my three children. They were non-supportive, uncomfortable and flimsy not to mention just down right unattractive looking. As a mom who is breastfeeding at times we may feel like our only role in the house is to be “mom” and we neglect our needs as well as our marraige needs. So Nizo Wear set out to find the perfect fabric and the prettiest look.

Read more about why Nizo Wear nursing bras are different.

I invite you to check out Nizo Wear today and if you can purchase one of their nursing bras. I found them to be comfortable, stlyish and practical for myself and hope you will too.

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