Top 10 Must have Items for Dog Owners

Happily Blended Top 10 Must have Items for Dog Owners

Being a dog owner brings on a lot of responsibility, you need to be prepared to ensure you are taking proper care of these little loyal famously members. As time goes on, and you become a veteran dog owner, these items may not be needed, but today I must share the top 10 must have items for dog owners so that you can be prepared for all seasons of the year.

Happily Blended Top 10 Must have Items for Dog Owners

Do you have a dog like I do? She wanders all over and is this little social butterfly that desires to mingle with the neighbors? Well that’s how Jenny the Pug is. She loves wandering outside of the yard to mingle with whoever will talk to her, this isn’t safe. For the wandering little dog, get this playpen that allows for outdoor play time without the fear they will get run over or stolen.

dog play pen happily blended top 10 items for dog owners


Do you take your dog out after hours to let them get some fresh air but are scared of the monsters that lurk within the darkness? Then you must have a flashlight, how about this flashlight to solve all your scared of the dark woes.

flash light for dog happily blended top 10 items for dog owners

Next up on the list of the Top 10 must have items for dog owners is the ever so handy, poop collectors. Just about every town has an ordinance in place for dog owners to pick up their dogs poop mess … here’s some handy dandy bags to ease cleanup duty.

dog poop bags happily blended top 10 items for dog owners

Are you heading camping this Summer season? Maybe you are staying at a cabin in a far away land and need to bring along your dog. This handy contraption will help you to keep your dog fed and hydrated while hiking or out camping this Summer.

dog camping happily blended top 10 items for dog owners


For those stinky messes, why not pick up some Icky Poo pet stench remover? Hey it’s worth adding to the top 10 items every dog owner needs.

Alright, moving onto the next must have item for every dog owner …. *drum roll please*

Pet Trainer clicker … every well behaved dog is one who has been trained properly by their loving owner. Use this clicker system to train your pet dog during the Summer months.

dog training happily blended top 10 items for dog owners

Let’s see, your dog loves to stay youthful by playing, right? Purchase these three dog toys to keep your dog playing for years to come:

KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

Hide-a-Squirrel Dog Toys

KONG Happy Birthday Tennis Balls for Dogs

Last but certainly not least, why not keep your pet up to pair with nail health by using some awesome dog nail clippers on a regular basis to keep the nails trim and proper?

dog nail clippers happily blended top 10 items for dog ownersHave you purchased any similar items for your pet doggy lately? Do tell in the comments below what items you think every dog owner needs to have …

**most images included in this post are from – I am an affiliate and will earn a small commission if you purchase any items above. Thank you. **


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  1. The last time I tried to clip my dogs nails, I made him bleed. I felt SO bad. Love your list – you thought of everything.

  2. No but, I really need those clippers and a pair of scissors to trim their face between groomings…and possible a few of those toys.

  3. Wonderful ideas, one and all. I’m without a dog at present, but have people visit with their furry friends from time to time. I like the doggy playpen and think it is something every family with a yard should have when a pet comes to visit and has too much curiosity to “stay”. I’ll be looking into that.

  4. These are all good ideas for the pooches. 🙂 I love the idea of putting a tracker on their collar too that you can find with your app… in case they get lost, so I’d add that too, to your already great list. 🙂

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