Hot Summer Fun Time – Water Balloon Fight Playing Rules

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26 thoughts on “Hot Summer Fun Time – Water Balloon Fight Playing Rules”

  1. I have not had a water balloon fight with my kids yet. THIS is on my bucket list!!! (I will link your blog when my post goes live!)

  2. Water balloon fights in the summer are fun, but it’s important to have rules. I especially like the rules not to throw them at each other’s faces or at windows! What about not throwing them at animals as well?

  3. I LOVE water balloons, they are so fun and entertaining! The perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day!

  4. I need to have a good old fashion family water balloon fight this weekend. My crew would love it. Thanks for the rules of engagement. Have a great summer.

  5. Water balloons and summer go hand-in-hand, I don’t think you could have one without the other LOL. My kids love having a water balloon fights.

  6. These are good rules for a water balloon fight. You don’t want kiddos accidentally breaking something by throwing a water balloon at it.

  7. My brothers and I had water balloon fights all the time, when we were kids and I continued that tradition when my son was growing up. Hey, gotta raise them right.

  8. These are great rules to follow. It’s been scorching hot this summer, I bet the grand kids would love to have a water balloon fight.

  9. My kids are obsessed with water balloons. We’ve already gone though so many and they’ve been home for 5 days! It’s so much fun, these are great rules!

  10. Sometimes, I don’t think ahead and end up with an aggravated situation. These rules, made ahead of time, are great!

  11. I think these are some good rules to set beforehand. Water balloon fights are fun and a great way to cool off.

  12. This is such a cute post. My kids love having water balloon fights in the summer. I’ll definitely share some of these rules with them!

  13. Water balloon fights are something we always did as kids during the hot summer days when we were not jumping through the sprinklers. These are all great rules for water balloon fights and the rules are indeed a must. Thanks for sharing the information.

  14. This is fantastic! My son JUST got water balloons with a birthday present at his party last Friday! Great timing! 🙂

  15. Ooooo love a good water balloon fight!!!! I haven’t had one with my daughter yet this year so thanks for the reminder!

    1. OH no! you must. You are missing out 😉 I usually end up with the leftover water from the bucket of leaky balloons all over me as the kids chase me to catch me with it!

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