What NOT To Do When Potty Training

What NOT To Do When Potty Training

You’ve probably read a lot about what you should do when potty training your kids, but what about things you shouldn’t do? There are some things you should avoid doing if you want to get the best results. These are just some of them. Take a look so you can get potty training down much faster:

Don’t Go OTT With Praise

Praising your child for doing well on the potty is a must. It makes them feel happy, proud, and like they want to use the potty again. However, you shouldn’t go OTT with praise. If you go OTT with it, they may feel or sense disappointment if they don’t get it right every single time. This can make them apprehensive to go in case they don’t get it just right. They need to know that accidents happen too, and it takes time to learn!

What NOT To Do When Potty Training


Starting At A Disruptive Time

You definitely don’t want to start potty training at a disruptive time. This can make teaching them to go on the potty even harder. For example, when you’re having a new baby, finding a new babysitter, or doing something that will likely upset their regular routine as it is. Try to potty train where that is the main focus.

Don’t Pressure Them

Never pressure your child to use the potty. They should show an interest in it on their own, without you saying anything at all to them. Pressuring them to use it can make them start holding it in, which is obviously dangerous. Let them learn at their own pace and they’ll do so much better.

How do I Potty Train my Kid


Don’t Show Disappointment Or Compare

You shouldn’t show disappointment if they don’t get it right away. You definitely shouldn’t compare them to brothers, sisters or cousins that nailed potty training faster than them. You don’t want them to associate the potty with anything negative, or have them thinking that somebody is better than them. This is about them and encouraging them to like using the potty. You’ll only do that if you make it a positive experience for them. Using sites like Potty Training Solved can be useful.

Don’t Expect Success With Them 24/7

You’re not going to have success 24/7 with potty training. Some kids get it completely within a couple of weeks, but others will need to wear night pants for a year or two afterwards. Everybody is different, so don’t feel like there’s something wrong with your child if they have accidents. It’s part of learning and growing up. Be realistic and don’t tell them off for not getting it right 100% of the time. They are probably trying their best!

Make sure you don’t do these things when potty training and your child should see it as more of a positive experience. When they see it this way, they’ll like it and get it down so much faster. Don’t make it work; make it a game and lots of fun. This technique always works with kids. Leave your own tips and tricks below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for these tips, it is very useful. My son is quite hard to potty train, so rather than putting too much pressure on him we encourage and motivate him in a way that he will enjoy and have fun at the same time.

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