Headbands Game Ideas

make your own headbands game

As this topic seems to be a pretty popular topic with those visiting Happily Blended, I wanted to take a moment to revisit headbands game ideas as a means to show you a fabulous way to entertain those children of yours this Summer break.

It is super easy to make your own headbands game, for I have shared the make your own headbands tutorial in 2012 and 2014, but if you want to get a better idea, here is the gist of how to make your own headbands game:

make your own headbands game

Supplies to Make Your Own Headbands Game:


  • Paper: create flash card shaped paper for children to later write their photo on for game play.
  • Drawing Utensils: age-appropriate utensils to draw on the flash card sized paper cutouts.
  • Creative Mind: think outside of the box with creative animals and objects for the flash card cutouts.
  • Elastic Style Headbands: a stretchy type lot of headbands that are easy to go off and on the child’s head work best.

make your own headbands game

How to Make your Own HeadBands Game:

  • Take each of the cards an adult cut out and have the children draw pictures of objects and animals on them, feel free to let them color in the cards as well for added fun!
  • Below each drawing on the card have the child or an adult spell out the word of what the card is, you know for those of us who aren’t thriving artists so that each player knows what the card is.
  • Now that all of the cards are ready for Hedbandz game play then you may set each child up with a headband and randomly give them each a card so that each child does not know what their card is.
  • Place the card on the child’s headband, remember the person who has the card under the headband cannot know what it is, hence the make your own headbands game challenge.
  • Take turns asking questions about the card that is on your own head, have a blast giggling while the child tries to determine which headbands game character they have.

This game is a totally fun way to spend a Friday night with the family and it’s fun for all ages, if you are looking to just purchase this type of game, you may do so on Amazon. Here are some other versions of headbands game ideas for different themes and age groups:

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  1. Headbands is such a fun game. I don’t have the actual game so I need to make this for our next family game night.

  2. We love the Headbands game! Making your own is such a fun idea. I should have the kids start working on new sets because there are only 15 days left of school!!!!

  3. My kids have been wanting this game but I was worried the store version would be too hard for them. I’m going to try this out with them, I bet they will love it.

  4. Nice one, I love to have this in our home. I am going to use one of my wife’s headband and hope that she won’t get mad!

  5. I love this game idea! This is so perfect for our Sunday family bonding! Gonna try this when I got home!

  6. This is such a fun game idea! It would be great for summer campground trip with multiple families! Especially if you get a rainy day. I could see us sitting under a pavilion playing this.

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