How to Feed off Other People’s Energy

How to Feed off Other People’s Energy
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Life likes to throw a lot of curve balls and even the positive people you have chosen to surround yourself with may have days where their energy seems off. No one human being has positive energy constantly surrounding them. Life happens. Bad days happen. The energy from our aura can change depending upon circumstances and environments, but it doesn’t last forever. When you learn how to feed off other people’s energy in a purposeful way, you start to realize that you are in control of your thoughts, happiness and path in life. Having Faith that everything will work out is the first step in learning how to feed off other people’s energy, but learning how to train your thought patterns is ideally the most important way to stop feeding off others energy when negativity may surround them.

You will have days where the universe seems to be playing tricks on you, your mood and energy is spiraling out of control. Emotions run high and it is extremely difficult to control your thought patterns. What can you do to help this? How will you rise above this immediate scenario to ensure your tomorrow is a better one?

How to Feed off Other People’s Energy

Start Being Stronger Than Your Immediate Mindset

Easier said than done? Not at all. First off remember that any thought you put out into the universe comes back to you, eventually in some form. The universe also doesn’t realize the words “don’t” or “do” or “can’t” or “can” learn to not spend an ounce of your time with thoughts that focus on what you can’t do. If someone around you has a negative energy today, stop thinking about their negative energy. Learn to set your mind into a pattern of accepting that someone is having a bad day, thus their energy may appear negative, but it is totally normal and acceptable for another person (or even yourself) to have a negative energy moment. It happens.

The key to learning how to feed off other people’s energy is to disallow yourself to focus on their negative moment, stop telling yourself “I feed off other people’s energy” when a person who you have chosen to have in your life is having a rough time. Start focusing on “how can I feed off of my own energy” in these moments of hardship. There’s a quote someone that says, “It isn’t a bad life, it’s just a bad day” there’s one positive thought process to keep in mind.

feed off others energy with empathy

Have Empathy without Losing Your Positive Glow

When you are around someone else having a bad day, rise above it with your own inner positive. Make time to support them, be a shoulder for them and an open ear for them to find their balance. Don’t make this about you, take time to let go of the fact that this negative energy is bringing you down and think about what this negative energy is doing to your friend or loved one. Come from a place of understanding their feelings because you have been there. If you use your positive energy in an empathetic way, this may turn your friend’s mind around thus making it a win/win for both for you.

We all can learn to relate to each other, find a place within to relate to this temporary bad energy around you and this my friend is how you learn to feed off others energy both good and bad.

feed off others energy

Slightly Draining Your Positive for Overall Good

When you learn the key on how to feed off other people’s energy by slightly draining your own positive for overall good, you have mastered the skill of being a positive thinker. A person who feeds off others energy must learn to share the wealth so to speak as a means to keep overall good in our world. Start sharing your positive in any way you can as a means to redirect another person’s thoughts back to a positive place which in turn allows them to have the energy you desperately need to surround yourself with.

Taking time to help others in a tiny way by sharing some of your positive energy will have you one step closer to learning how to feed off other people’s energy whether they have good or bad energy today!

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  1. I have found that surrounding myself with happy, giving and positive people is the best thing on the planet. Then I can be a positive influence on those around me even if I don’t know them.

  2. This is something we struggle with. When the husband is having a bad day it affects me way more than It should. Same with when I have a bad day and how it affects him. We need to learn to separate ourselves from each other’s emotions and learn to be able to control our own emotions and energy.

  3. I definitely struggle with this. When people are happy around me, I am happy, but it’s very easy to get sucked into negativity sometimes.

  4. Yes, it’s definitely better if you can stay positive through it all, but sometimes it’s hard! It’s also hard to not get drained by feeding off others energy.

  5. I love being around positive people. It just makes my day that much better and helps me be the person I want to be. Great post!

  6. I am very sensitive to peoples energy. It can be great when i am with people that are in a positive mindset. It is not good when i get dragged into someone elses mood.

  7. This is truly an amazing post. I know we absorb negative energy around us but never really thought of trying to feed from the energy intentionally or planned. This made me see things in a different way and I am thankful. xx

  8. I try to always find the positive in things. I do think that your surrounding make a huge difference.

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