Make your Own Hedbanz Game at Home

hedbanz game diy

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Editors note: This was originally published in 2012, I am sharing it again as a great game idea to make for a holiday gathering that includes many children, honestly, it is fun for the adults too! I hope you consider creating this as a fun family game to entertain the children during the holiday gatherings this season.

One day my family ventured down to my daughter’s friends house where we all had a fun little barbecue one Friday evening. While we were there the kids all gathered inside to play a game I had never heard of, Hedbanz. It’s a very simple game and since we are a family game night kind of family, we decided to create our own Hedbanz game from scratch, now I am here to show you how we did it so you can enjoy a fun craft and game time with the kids this Summer.

For starters you will need the following items to complete the craft session to create the Homemade Hedbanz Game –

  • Paper: cut into fours to create flash card sized “cards”, number of cards depends on number of players. We did six cards for three kids.
  • Drawing Utensils: Crayons, pencils and/or markers to draw images & words on the cards.
  • Creative Mind: think of animals, objects and other kid friendly items to draw & color on the cards.
  • Elastic Style Headbands: Each child will need a headband that they can place their card in so it’s only visible to the other players.

Let’s Get Started —

Taking the cards that an adult or older child cut out, you may help or have the kids draw pictures of the objects & animals they thought of for this game, to add some fun let them color each card they draw.  Below each drawing write the name of what the picture is for; example – a picture of a monkey would have the word monkey written below the picture.

Once all of the cards are ready for Hedbandz game play then you may set each child up with a headband and randomly give them each a card so that each child does not know what their card is.  Place each card underneath the headband and try to make sure the words are showing so that the other players who can read will know what the drawing is.

Since the cards have been created, they are in place on top of each child’s head you may now get ready for game play. Each child takes a turn asking random questions about “who they are” or “what they are”. For example,  each child may ask “am I a pet” or “Do I fly” maybe even “do I have four legs”. The questions are meant for them to use deductive reasoning skills to come to the conclusion with what is on their card.

Play continues like this with each child taking a turn until each child correctly states what they are. Feel free to help younger children and have fun laughing with the kids while they each try to figure out who they are! Another way to make this more fun is to make sounds to ask what they are, especially if they are younger children!

As the adult monitoring game play you can create fun, silly awards or trophies to give each child for their accomplishment in the game play. This is just a fun, silly game & craft time to enjoy if you do not already own HedBandz.

If you want to see this game in play you may visit my YouTube Channel to view a short clip of my kids taking turns playing the game.

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  1. Well this is just fun, and it’s a great idea! We bought the original for a holiday gift last year, but we haven’t played ourselves yet. I think the homemade version would be fun.

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