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46 thoughts on “Scholastic Summer Reading Program #SummerReading”

  1. My little one loves to read, so we do that every day no matter what, usually before bed. My daughter reads books on her Kindle, usually on car rides, but if it’s good enough, she’ll keep reading in the house.

  2. My son went off to sleep away camp with 2 books to read for middle school. He better have read them!
    thanks for the reminder!

  3. What a fun time – great way to get kids interested in reading! We are kind of boring – weekly trips to the library for a new book each week.

  4. My toddler has decided he does not need me to read to him at night. After I finish reading books, he reads one of his board books by himself. It encourages the reading habit, and it’s fun to hear him recite the story. 🙂

  5. Your REading Under the Stars turned out great! I am so lucky to have a house full of boys who enjoy reading. I hope they always have that love.

  6. Summer reading programs are great. It’s important to be sure the kids don’t let their brains go on vacation for the entire summer. Those thinking caps have to be in tip top shape for the school year.

  7. I knew that it was important to keep kids reading and learning during the summer, but I had no clue that it was THIS important. I can’t believe Summer Slide affects the learning gap so much.

  8. As a teacher I can attest to the summer slide…children come back to school in September unsure of a lot. They don’t remember quite a bit of the previous year. And so, the first month or so is dedicated to recapping what was lost during summer. Some kids catch back on quickly, others fall even further behind. It is especially crucial for the weaker children to get some work in. I love that this program encourages reading everyday. It is so important.

  9. My kids signed up with your libraries summer reading program. They get a prize at each book level they reach, so that keeps them motivated to keep reading all summer long.

  10. I would love this kind of things when my children were smaller as teens and young adults both love reading but it was a daily fight to teach them to love books

  11. I used to look forward to getting the Scholastic book order form at school. I would read every single book blurb and circle the ones I wanted. Then, I would go home and beg my mom for all of them. We had a few parties too.

  12. You guys look like you had a blast, especially around the campfire! I haven’t had any trouble getting my daughter to read this summer, she has been stuck on reading anything written by John Green!

  13. My kids really love to read and I hope they always love reading. Reading under the starts sounds awesome! I’m sure the kids had a blast!

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