As the Days Pass, I Realize So Much

As each day passes, a new day rises. With each new day we find ourselves a day older, looking in the mirror we may not notice our daily changes on our bodies that make us realize we are getting older when each new dawn arises. The thing about parenting is that we have photographs, pictures of memories with our families that allow us to look back at our children and see how much they have grown. My oldest is nearing 11 years old, next year she will be in Junior High and I am still having troubles with that fact. Just yesterday, it seems, she was my little two year old singing Twinkle Twinkle and ABC’s through the grocery store and here she stands before me with an iPhone and ability to engage in conversations I didn’t even know she was educated enough on.

Diva Daughter

One thing that I do love about my daughter is her ability to dress like a Diva, shown above, or dress in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. My daughter is a lot like her Mother in many ways, she has this innate ability to fit into nearly any situation and has developed skills necessary to take her far in life. I am proud that she has become who she is and still works each day to be a better self, now if you asked me, I would say she has little to “fix” but I also believe that every human being should have something they are working on to better themselves each day. I cannot believe just how beautiful and intelligent she has grown up to be. This girl looks even older when she takes off her glasses and wears contacts. I just get jaw dropped and can feel more grey hairs filling in my dark black head of hair.

kids grow too fast

My sons, on the other hand, have grown to be quite the couple. They are my double trouble team, but when I say that it dawns on me that my now five and seven year old boys are not a real double trouble “team” per say. My Aj who is the older of the two, actually has started to step up and act like the older sibling. Aj is often found helping his little brother, even though his brother doesn’t accept the help and Aj is very compassionate. Aj is on a medication for his mood disorder and right now the medication seems to be really working to keep his moods steady and him on an even kilt. I love that Aj is acting like a normal seven year old because it really makes him happier and I can bear witness to that each day. Aj is also growing like a weed, it seems every morning he wakes up taller. How do kids do that? My youngest, K-man has become quite the handful, now that he is in kindergarten he is a big kid and he won’t let you think otherwise. Demanding. World Revolves Around Him. Little Reasoning Skills. Co-sleeping with Mama. Barely sleeping when he does co-sleep. K-man has become my handful but even while he seems to be going backwards emotionally and socially some days, he is certainly putting on some weight and probably about to sprout up soon. It amazes me how it seems as if it were just yesterday that I held that dark black haired light blue eyed baby in my hands … and now he’s in all day Kindergarten. Crazy!

Family LIfe

No matter how much older my kids seem to be getting, they are still so wonderfully amazing and kind hearted. We enjoy family time more than anything and we love each other deeply. My children, thankfully, have learned that their Mama will love them unconditionally always and in turn they have become such well rounded mini-adults with a big slice of childhood still in their hearts. I worked hard to ensure they still have childhood to enjoy, you only get one chance at childhood so no matter how old they get and no matter how tall they get, even if they tower over me, I will still push them to enjoy every moment of childhood as a child because once you are an adult you do not get that time back! I may be older than these kids but they have taught me so much and through them I have grown up in many ways, I also see the world differently than I did before being a Mama. That is a gift they give me


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