Getting Locked Out of my Vehicle

Back when my daughter was a young and I was a single Mom to her, I was super tight on money and I was locked out of my vehicle.  I recall that I had just gotten my vehicle warmed up, it was close to Christmas time in NH and it was cold outside. Ki and I were heading somewhere and those plans went downhill once I realized that I was locked out of my car. Having never been locked out of my vehicle, ever, I wasn’t sure who to call and then it dawned on me, I would have to call a locksmith. There are various locksmiths in my area, but in your area you may be seeking an emergency Locksmith Calgary when you find yourself in the situation I was in.

I finally called a locksmith who wouldn’t take anything but cash, having had only a small amount of funds saved for a couple presents for my daughter that year, I had to give this locksmith the last of my saved Christmas money. I remember crying so badly to my daughter’s Dad back then because I had to use the only funds I had saved for Christmas on this locksmith, unlike the Locksmith services Calgary which is not in my area, I used a NH locksmith who is always on call for those who get locked out of their vehicles, like dumb me back then.

The lovely ending to this story of being locked out of my vehicle was that 1) the locksmith came super fast and 2) Ki’s Dad ended up giving me $45 that year to buy our daughter stuff for Christmas. If you don’t think $45 can get much then you have never seen a Mom, who after having lost her Christmas savings to a locksmith, was provided with $45 to spend on just her daughter. I spoiled that girl that year as much as I could with $45 and believe me it did get quite a bit for Ki, especially since she was under a year old back then and rattles are cheap 😉

I advise that you always check your vehicle, keep a spare key somewhere or do something such as crack your car window after starting it, that way you know you are doing all you can do to avoid having to pay for a locksmith. I suppose, no matter how prepared you are, there are times a locksmith will be needed and it’s good to keep them in business – just do not get locked out in temps we are having here in NH right now, negative degree temps and being locked out will not translate into anything good.

Have you ever been locked out of a car or home before? Did you have to hire a locksmith?

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  1. Oh my gosh, once, but out of the house. My teen took my key w/o telling me (he lost his) and put it on the table instead of the keychain. Later that night we took him to his basketball game…freezing cold outside, phone battery almost dead (and at the time no charger in the car). When we got home hubby didn’t have his keys and mine had no house key. We waited in the freezing car while a locksmith was being located…no call. We had a baby in there…thinking oh they’ll show… nothing, no call. I called back, ‘Oh we don’t have a provider in your area.’ Ok…so no one was going to even bother to call back? SHEESH. We’ve since taken steps to remedy it happening again but it was so very annoying.

    On another note, I’ve been locked in the bathroom when a lock broke. -_-

    We have the code on the car doors, so there’s no way to lock the keys inside (I Love that feature!).

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