How To Diffuse an Angry Child {Interview}

If you have read my blog since the beginning, you have read some stories of the angry child. My middle son recently diagnosed bipolar had some major issues with anger outbursts. Mostly at home, because outside of the home he had such major anxiety that it kept his anger at bay, for the most part.

So being a loving, patient and positive Mom has meant I was okay with dealing with an angry child but let me tell you what, my patience were tried over and over again so when I was recently approached to share my tips and answer questions about how to diffuse the anger bomb in children, I was all for sharing my tips with other parents.

If you want to read the interview that was taken by myself and a couple other woman, please check out the article that features my answers as well as resources we all use for parenting advice; Diffusing the Anger Bomb in Children.

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