Six iPad Book Apps For Children

I personally do not have an iPad, although I would love to own one some day but today I get to share with you some wonderful iPad Book apps for your children! I am also sharing codes with you to get these books for free! So read on and pick which one is best for your family, maybe you would like to have them all?!

Thumbelina Promo Code: EP7APX3ARPEA

Let your children learn about overcoming challenges with the timeless classic story of Thumbelina now available for your iPad. Journey along reading this Grimm fable, which if you didn’t know a fable is a story that has a life lesson behind it, with your child. My children personally love reading fables, my eight year old reads fables on a daily basis and enjoys trying to figure out the meaning behind them with me. I hope that you can do the same with your child.

The Ugly Duckling Promo Code: JYF7NH4FMKEE

A great Grimm fable for your loved ones! Read along with The Ugly Duckling as your children listen in awe and view pictures in wonderful color! A great way to read your child an old classic fable while interacting on new technology. Each day technology advances and this is just another great way to teach our children about technology and reading at the same time.

The Three Little Pigs Promo Code: EWYAY7FPFMPT

Another great classic children story from back in the day brought to life on the iPad for your children to enjoy with you one lazy night while you all snuggle up! Not only will you enjoy the classic story but there are some enhanced storytelling features for the iPad! Three brave little pigs travel along in this story and your children will just love hearing this story as much as I did as a child!

The Frog King Promo Code: JXJPXJEEKY7E

Another great tale by Brothers Grimm for you to enjoy on your iPad with your children this year! The story itself centers around a young princess who encounters a frog sitting on a water lily while searching for a ball she lost while playing outside of the castle she lives in. Upon realizing that she in fact lost her ball after it sank into the pond where the frog was sitting she becomes upset, assuming that the water had taken her ball from her for good. Yet, the frog makes a promise to the young princess to retrieve her ball on the condition that after he does so she needs to give him a kiss. With such a proposal in hand, perhaps there is more to this frog than meets the eye.

Red Little Riding Hood Promo Code: LMKAWET9RXYL

Classic children’s storytelling comes to the iPad with the youth oriented iBook Little Red Riding Hood. What a great story for your little ones to experience! One of my favorite stories of all! I recall my father reading this story to me in the old fashion way, sitting down with a hard cover book, but now your children can experience the updated version on an iPad with updated technology! How wonderful our times are now!

Puss in Boots Promo Code: RNHFWYXW9N6A

Now I have never read this story before but the description states that it tracks the adventures of three sons whose father – a miller – leaves them each a unique inheritance upon his death. The eldest son happily inherited his late father’s mill while the middle son inherited a dutiful donkey. The youngest son meanwhile was only left with a small cat. The youngest son worried about his prospects for making a decent living after being left only a small cat. Yet, upon voicing his concerns the cat spoke softly to the boy telling that all he needed to do was find the cat was a beautiful pair of boots and in return he would get the young boy an untold fortune. Leaving such great promises, perhaps this cat is a bit too clever for his own good.

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  1. Thanks! I’m going to download these! It’s amazing how much kids love to read books or have books read to them on an iPad! My nieces were completely mesmerized by some of the books and apps I have for little kids on my iPad!

  2. Oh, I’m so excited to download these… as soon as I can figure out where the heck my husband put the iPad. Thanks so much for the review and the free codes!!

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