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I was always advanced in school and as a way to share my knowledge I would often reach out to my younger sister and attempt to assist her in the areas of study she wasn’t quite able to work on. My sister didn’t like having her big sister tutor her and now I wish we had known about online tutoring back in those days because she would have been able to get assistance with math problems, which wasn’t her best subject area.

I can’t believe there are so many ways to get school tutoring assistance online, you can even get Online math tutoring which is a subject that many have issues with. Math has always been my strong suit, however, I have seen many students struggle in the area of math and finding math answers is something they yearn to have help with.

I never took Precalculus in school because once I got to advanced Math I struggled with the teacher, because even though I was very smart I wasn’t one of the top preppy type kids in school. I enjoyed to have fun and come eleventh grade I pretty much did all I had to do to make it just barely so that I could graduate and move on with my life. If I had taken Precalculus I probably would have had to use online tutoring for Precalculus help as it looks like a tough area of study.

Online tutoring is a great way to encourage students to get help without feeling the pressure of looking stupid to their friends. As you are aware it doesn’t matter what others think about you and education is very important, but when you are a child it’s all about peer pressure and fear of being outcast from your friends.  I had an experience in high school when I was on the cheer-leading squad and failed Chemistry by only a couple of points which then meant I couldn’t participate during the cheer-leading competition and it broke me, I was so devastated. Online tutoring is there to give you Chemistry Help, Statistics help and much more. Chemistry help would have been great that year for sure, because it was a turning point for me in my life after being banned from a team for the first time in my life I slowly went on to activities that were not that great.

Have you ever used online tutoring? If you needed to get a tutor for your child would you rather in person or online tutoring?

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  1. Just stopping by for a blog visit…..Although its not exactly online tutoring, my son was home schooled for last 3 yrs and all of his schooling was online. It takes however, alot of disciple, and self preserverance.

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