How to Raise Money with These Interesting Ideas

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Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose here! As a food blogger at My King Cook, I know how much important vegetables are for the health. But being a mother, I also know that it’s hard to convince your children to eat their veggies. However, my food blogging experiences led me to discover some easy and delicious vegetable recipes. This is why I like to share my pleasant experiences with vegetables with my readers as well.

20 thoughts on “How to Raise Money with These Interesting Ideas”

  1. These are all great fund raising ideas. We use to have a car wash on the weekends to raise money for different things.

  2. Yard sales and bake sales are totally up my alley! Love your ideas… we’re always looking for ways to save a bit of cash!

  3. I love having bake sales to fund raise. Our school also does port-o-pit chicken sales for fundraising that is quite a success too.

  4. We mix the bake sales with our garage sale! We recently raised $2500 for our daughters softball team by having a garage sale and adding bottled water and baked goods to the mix.

  5. Fundraising shouldn’t be as tough as most people would see it. I think it’s all about coming together for one good cause. I really like events that involve food because people can’t really resist good food! These are awesome ideas!

  6. Thanks for these great ideas. My sons love doing yard sales. They put out their old clothes and shoes, some toys and other stuff that they no longer use. At the end of the day, the clothes that were not sold were donated to a local charity.

  7. Such great ideas. I love having yard sales. I haven’t in many years but I remember when I did, we did really great at them!

  8. I like the goofy part, reminds me of fish philosophy. My odd talent requires a miracle, though if I pull it off I could probably live my dream!

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