Six Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

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27 thoughts on “Six Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes”

  1. Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. We like to throw a big bash and go all out in costumes and decor. Thanks for these money saving tips.

  2. Costumes are so expensive especially knowing they only get worn once most of the time. Thanks for these awesome money saving ideas.

  3. These are all great tips. I hate that costumes are so expensive. We usually make something by ourselves for my girls. It’s easier and less expensive that way.

  4. I am always looking to save money on Holidays. I will have to try selling the kids old costumes.

  5. Great ideas. My daughter’s favorite holiday is Halloween. And she did wear the costume for a few years in a row cause she loved it so much.

  6. I would never think to shop for Halloween after Halloween has ended. This is a great idea though, especially for young kids who don’t yet particularly care what they are for Halloween.

  7. My kids would wear there costumes all through the year like clothes so I always figured they were good investments. My daughter would often repeat the same costume for years. A costume box at our house was a must.

  8. I have all our old costumes. That would be such a great idea to share with others, but I can’t part with them yet!

  9. These are awesome tips for saving money on costumes – I tend to get carried away every year with the 3 kids!

  10. These are great ideas, especially the costume swap – I tend to DIY a kids costume every year, but if I ever run out of time, a swap with another family with toddlers and preschoolers would be a great idea!

  11. Buying new costumes every year for Halloween can be expensive. Thanks for sharing these tips, I love reusing materials that I’ve purchased once. Liam was a shark last year wearing a costume that I got for $5!

  12. We have been buying new costumes every year and for 6 kids it gets so expensive. Now 7, I will for sure need to be saving lots! I am dreading it this year.

  13. I love Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays! These are great tips on costuming. Enjoy all you festivities. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  14. I usually shop the after Halloween sales and get the next year’s costumes. I wait until they are $1 and $2 and get about 10 to 15 costumes. Save on Halloween and tons of outfits to play dress up in. It’s a win win!

  15. It’s always nice to look out for discounts and sales especially with items like your child’s Halloween costume. They’re only going to use it once a year so it’s good to be able to save.

  16. These are all great ways to save money on Halloween costumes. I can’t believe it is already time for Halloween. The idea of swapping costumes with friends is an awesome idea and I will have to share this with family members with little ones. Thanks for sharing the money saving ideas.

  17. I usually borrow mine from friends…their kids are all older. I can bear to spend a fortune on a costume that my kids are going to wear one time!

  18. These are great tips and I love comparing the different stores online and looking for coupons. When they were younger, I would buy them second hand to save money.

  19. These are wonderful tips. We love to make costumes but when selling the old costumes would be a great way to earn some money!

  20. I love Halloween and all of the costumes. I use to sell the old costumes on tag sale sites on Facebook and then my daughter would use the money to make a new costume.

  21. What great ideas. We swap and reuse and I’ll have to implement some of your other tips too. I love saving money where I can.

  22. Halloween can get kind of expensive, especially when you have more than one kid to buy for. I definitely would recommend a swap, or buying second hand. Great tips.

  23. We love Halloween and sometimes to save money on costumes, we just make our own. Thanks for sharing your awesome tips!

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