7 Ways to End your Day Right

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22 thoughts on “7 Ways to End your Day Right”

  1. The biggest thing I’ve had to learn how to do to prepare for the night is to unplug. When I unplug, I get away from the screen and away from the stress of answering emails. It lets me calm down and get into a better place for sleep.

  2. It’s so important to let yourself wind down a little before bed. After the kids are all tucked in, I love to sit in the dark with a nice lamp and just read a bit. I get in my reading, and I can start to feel my eyes get heavy. Then I just drift off to sleep.

  3. These are great tips. I try my hardest not to go online a few hours before bed. It really does affect my sleep when I’m “plugged in” before bed.

  4. I create a to-do list for the following day, then try my best to unplug. It doesn’t always happen, but I feel better rested on the mornings where I stayed away from TV and my phone the night before!

  5. I do love your idea of taking an hour to relax and unwind before bed – maybe that’s why I’m not sleeping so great!!

  6. It’s amazing how much we have to unplug from before bed. I LOVE it though. Just slowing down drinking a warm cup of tea with a good book or something I feel I sleep better if I slow down before dosing.

  7. These are some great ways to wind down and relax at the end of a long day. My typical go-to involves a glass of wine.

  8. I really like these ideas. I need to start forcing myself to unplug. There’s no need for me to be on my devices before bed.

  9. I am loving these tips. It’s good to unplug before you go to bed. I make sure I give myself time away from all my gadgets as it helps me have a clear mind.

  10. These are all great tips Brandy. I appreciate you sharing them, I will have to start working on my end of night routine more so I can rest easy and have a more productive day!

  11. What great ideas! I have been unplugging a lot before bed now that my new baby is here. I spend nights snuggling in bed with her, nursing her and just relaxing. My phone and computer are the last thing on my mind!

  12. This post totally speaks to me! I am victim of every one of these nighttime traps! I will definitely be using your tips!

  13. I always clean my house before I go to bed. It just really helps to put me in the right frame of mind when I wake up.

  14. I’ve been having a difficult time falling asleep lately so I’ve started playing relaxing instrumental sleep music before bed and while I sleep and it’s helped tremendously. I definitely need to unplug an hour before bed that’s something I need to work on.

  15. Reading is my favorite end-of-the-day routine. There are so many good suggestions in this list for ending a day on a positive note so the following day starts out with one (or more).

  16. I always plan for tomorrow! It’s a big deal to be ahead. It makes your brain rest more easily when you’re not worried about the next day.

  17. Lists are the things that keep me sane. If I make a list, I know I won’t forget anything because I can just check the list.

  18. All good tips. I’m bad about being on the internet at night. I can’t be most days because of work, and then the kids are home after school, so I have to wait until they’re occupied or in bed. 1 tasks often turns into 20.

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