Moms Are Do-Ers and Schedulers

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24 thoughts on “Moms Are Do-Ers and Schedulers”

  1. I think the best rule I live by is that I take time every day to exercise. That is my time to take care of me and I find that when I nurture my body and soul I am more balanced and able to be that much more giving when it comes to caring for the myriad of needs of my family.

  2. I’m finding it very time consuming to juggle every day tasks and I haven’t figured out how to perfect it yet but keeping a daily planner with a checklist definitely helps with staying organized so I never forget what needs to get done.

  3. I really believe that baby boomers had less on their plates. Women were the housewives. They took care of the home. Men went to work. The kids were in football, cheer, or band. That was it. Far simpler time, I think.

  4. We are so the do-ers. And there is SO. Much. I’m thinking about scheduleing a rotating day of the week when there is nothing. And keeping it that way. I can catch up, or meditate.

  5. Isn’t that the question – how did the baby boomers do it? Less distractions? Pressure? I always wonder that – but either way, the role hasn’t changed, parents are doing everything with the same goal and doing their best!

  6. Sometimes I do waaaay too much. I’m finding it nice to sit back every now and then to do nothing at all.

  7. I have finally, after all these years, managed to get a reasonable schedule. Making lists and schedules is key, partly because I forget everything if it isn’t written down.

  8. While we always do best on a schedule, my husband helping is what truly keeps my life balanced as a busy mom. I am so grateful for him!

  9. We definitely are. I always joke that moms get an extra hour everyday it seems. We get more doen than the average person

  10. Making a to do lists help me a lot! And also, making a priority list of what are the most important tasks can be very effective.

  11. Having a clear plan definitely helps me. When I travel my day-to-day schedule gets thrown off upon coming home.

  12. This week has been all about planning, scheduling and attempting to do. School starts in a week and I feel like we are all spinning in circles. We use a shared calendar app and that seems to help a bit.

  13. Yes!!!! I am such a planner, I plan every single thing! I already have lists of things all over the place for next week when school starts.

  14. I think the baby boomers may have had less distractions. It seems as though everything is vying for my attention all the time and it’s really hard to keep up. I have lists upon lists, a calendar and a planner.

  15. I am the biggest planner I’ve ever met. However if I didn’t plan things down to the very moment I have no idea how I’d juggle it all daily.

  16. I always follow a schedule and I make sure I prioritize my tasks. Normally, I plan before the new week starts so that I already know what to do by Monday. It’s important for me to have a planner that keeps me on track!

  17. Even if I have my schedule, sometimes there are things that pop out. I make sure to follow my priorities.

  18. I often think they didn’t have has much to do until I listen to my mom talk. I think they were just raised to not be as vocal about their struggles, at least my parents were so they made it look easy.

  19. Some days 24 hours just isn’t enough time. I’m totally a planner! I have a huge calendar on my desk to keep everything in order!

  20. I definitely am finding it more difficult to juggle everything that is on my plate. I have to have a set schedule for when I do everything especially when it comes to my blog. Everything else I have written down in a totally different planner to stay on track.

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