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34 thoughts on “Learning The Ins and Outs of Frozen Crock Pot Meals”

  1. I love using my crockpot. I need to start making meals ahead of time so I can just pop them in the crockpot and go!

  2. I use my Crockpot all the time, but I have never done freezer meals. Once I get my big freezer here I’ll have to start considering that!

  3. I absolutely love the idea behind this. I’ve done it {kinda sorta} on a much smaller scale. Once I made a big batch of meatsauce that I could use for several meals. I loved being able to pull bags of that out and just use it when I needed it. Spending one day though, cooking up a bunch of meals is totally worth the time invested (esp. with the help of a crockpot) when you have a whole week’s worth of meals ready. I need to just break down and do it!

  4. Thanks to Pinterest, my crockpot has been getting quite the workout this past year. I have found some real winners, and using the crockpot has saved my sanity on busy nights when we just want to come home, eat, and fall into bed!

  5. thanks for testing this out and sharing your opinions! I’ve been creating some crockpot meals, too. I shared a tomato soup recipe today!

  6. I so admire people who plan ahead and don’t have to rush around like maniacs trying to figure out what’s for dinner each night. The maniacs would be my family, by the way. I may definitely try some of your meals and see how they turn out. Thank you!

  7. I use my slow cooker all the time, but never froze meals ahead of time. It seems like so much work! But I guess taking a little more time one day will save lots of time on other days, right?

  8. Meal planning and cooking ahead are two GREAT ways to not only save money but also save time. You are definitely off to a good start on your crock pot/freezer friendly meals.

  9. I love using my crock pot! It’s a life saver! We are so busy during the week. All of my freezer meals help us save time and eat healthier when I don’t feel like cooking.

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