Do you have a Chip on your Shoulder?

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24 thoughts on “Do you have a Chip on your Shoulder?”

  1. All bloggers need to rise up and support one another. It is crazy all the bashing that goes on.

  2. I love you! I too have seen horrible things that people have said but I think as with any industry it happens. Sometimes it has made our community stronger because we pull together. Poo Poo on those who are negative and power to those are successful. I wonder… would I be a grandma blogger now LOL- xox

  3. People say so many mean things online. It’s so important not to bash others and remember that there are people behind the screen.

  4. I can only speak for myself, but people are always going to talk and I have learned to not let it bother me. Remember, mediocrity rarely, if ever, congratulates excellence.

  5. I’m a mommy blogger and I’m SO proud of that. I don’t care what anyone, let alone a failed blogger thinks. I just look where it comes from and shake my head, and move on. I focus on whats important and thats my family and my honest, real work.

  6. I don’t know if I’m technically a mommy blogger. I definitely agree with your points though. The negativity is unnecessary!

  7. Wow, I guess even the trolls are frequenting our industry now. I’ve had my fair share of unwanted experiences with them and ignore them as I may, sometimes I can’t help but feel like empowering myself against them. What’s wrong with being called a mommy blogger, by the way? All I can think of are the youngsters who haven’t gone past pride 101, haha.

  8. Drama drama… trying to raise two tweens and I dislike that word. Trouble is it seems to be everywhere, no matter the age. I try not to be negative and don’t see why anyone needs to be, why cant we all just get along? Easier said than done, but I will be optimistic. .

  9. I actually get the opposite, I do not have children and when I attend ‘mom themed’ blogging events, I get this all the time “Why on earth are YOU here? You are NOT a mom” – Um, no I’m not, but many of my readers are is my response. Would it be OK if I told them that at a Beauty or Fashion event? Such silliness!

    Personally I just ignore the haters and make it a point to ignore the ‘cliques’. They existed in school days and unfortunately the people who had ‘clique mentalities’ then, will still have them now.

    Anyone who feels the need to put anyone else down is not lifting themself up. (And let’s face it, they know it – that’s what makes them angrier inside).

  10. Honestly, it’s hard to move forward in the blogging worth without showing support to fellow bloggers. Soon the negative people will fade away because nobody has time to entertain that!

  11. Im not a mom but I am a blogger and I have kinda heard through the grapevine that the word Mommy Blogger isnt something people didnt want to be associated with. It was my ignorance I thought people did want to be labeled Mommy Blogger (you guys are making the big bucks lol). I love how you brought the law of attraction on it…dont label someone something if its in a negative way…get the chip off your shoulder!

  12. I have found a lot of support in the blogging community. I have been lucky and have had a very positive experience so far.

  13. You will never raise by yourself. Actually, my wife’s blog grew because of the helps of blogging community. And she totally happy and thankful.

  14. I can relate this to so many times in my blogging career, where I was the one being bashed by another blogger. The best revenge, I say, is that I am still here, still blogging, while they are no longer blogging because they didn’t know what it takes to make it as a blogger. Bashing others does nothing but make you more enemies. Just do your thing, and don’t worry about others, I say.

  15. Haha, misery loves company! My husband says that all the time. I heard about the horrible article going viral, but I didn’t click though to read it. There will always be that one person who finds something to complain about!

  16. It’s sad the power one negative comment can make. I encourage all bloggers out there, no matter what you call yourself, to keep pushing forward and continue blogging. It would be a boring world if we were all the same 🙂

  17. I am so glad that you wrote about this. I read some pretty hurtful things this past week about mommy bloggers and I think it was done right mean and nasty content made to stir the pot. We should be uplifting each other and not tearing each other down.

  18. You know, this is a very good message for every mom and every blogger out there. We’re in the same industry so we definitely should stop bashing one another.

  19. You’ve got some great comments here. There are some sour apples in the bunch but for the most part, I am glad bloggers are generally supportive of one another.

  20. My mom used to tell me on a regular basis that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all! Since I love to talk, I learned early on to be positive! When I read the post bashing Mommy Bloggers, I just shook my head. I can’t imagine being that miserable.

  21. I never understood the need to bash your industry and your colleagues.
    I refuse to click on her blog and give her any more page views.

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