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9 thoughts on “From Frugal to Financially Fit: Healthy Habits of Famous Money Mavens”

  1. The one thing that I got above all others from this article is paying bills second. That’s a really good idea, and I think implementing it will (hopefully) not be too big of an adjustment.

  2. I love these habit! I never thought to pay bills second I think I ma worried about forgetting to send it over to the company!

  3. And make sure that savings is in a retirement account. The earlier you start, the better off you will be in the long run.

  4. These are interesting tips. I’d never think to save THEN pay bills. I am so weird about bills and always pay a bit more than I’m suppose to and make sure to keep on top of them all. Not really money savvy I guess.

  5. These are great tips that actually work! On the day I am going into the grocery store to just get one thing, I only take the cash I need in or I WILL overspend!

  6. These are all great tips and I completely agree with credit cards. I am very strict to use them only to auto-pay bills so they are there to 1. Build credit and 2. for an emergency. It’s very hard though!

  7. Great tips, we no longer use credit cards and I never pay full price! Save before paying bills…hmmm interesting…making it first priority means you will definately have some money put aside each month, I like that.

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