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16 thoughts on “Just for Parents: Know What to Expect at Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit”

  1. I had braces myself, so I think if my boys ever need braces – and I hope they don’t, I would be somewhat prepared 🙂

  2. Both of my kids had braces so we are pretty familiar with the orthodontist! It can be intimidating when you don’t know what to expect.

  3. A great post… Our twins are in the midst of stage one orthodontic care, yes I stage 1 as I learned that many kids now do 2 stages of braces… I was a bit shocked to learn that. Not sure we will do that but will decide in a few years down the road.

  4. I think I took my kids to the orthodontist when they were in middle school. I believe they had their braces off in their first years of high school.

  5. This is great for parents just starting the braces journey with their kids. My Daughter just had her braces taken off and her teeth look amazing.

  6. My oldest just DID NOT want braces when he was in school. Now he’s 28 and has a little gap in the front. He tells me all the time he wishes he would have gotten them and I should have made him. -_- He’s probably right, but I was a young mom. The three following him didn’t get as lucky? as he did for leniency. 😉

  7. I certainly remember when I went to the Ortho, maybe not my first visit but I do remember wearing braces 4 EVER!! Hopefully, my son will have straight teeth and he won’t have to go!!!

  8. I had no idea as a child how important it was to stay on top of the orthodontist visits. Now as an adult, I will definitely stay on top of my kids’ oral health

  9. I had braces myself and I remember those appointments with the orthodontist. I hated the nasty stuff that they used to make a mold of your teeth. My orthodontist used stuff that was strawberry flavored so for a long time I could not stand anything that was strawberry flavored!

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