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18 thoughts on “Frugal Fun: Saving Money on Toy Shopping”

  1. Garage Sales are always a fun way to discover new toys/things while saving a few bucks. I once bought a limited Limited comic book for $2 at a garage sale that was worth $50 on eBay!

  2. My kids do not take care of the toys they have so my husband and I stopped buying them. If they want something they have to save their own money. Now when we go to a store and they see a trinket they want, they know they have to pay us back when they get home.

  3. I have found so many great deals on Craiglist since we started using it. Toys can be really expensive so it is important to find the best deals possible.

  4. Toy shopping can sometimes kill us! Our kids don’t usually ask for much but if there’s a toy they really want, oh boy. I’d love to save on this over anything else! So this is wonderful.

  5. I love garage sales! It’s amazing what you can find and sometimes the items are brand new and still in the package! I love to coupon also

  6. My kids are very used to hearing “if/when it goes on sale” and they also know that I will shop around on the web before I pay full price for anything in the store. There are just too many deal sites and coupon sites out there not to take advantage.

  7. Some great advice to save on toy shopping! I know people that have found $100 toys in good condition at garage sales for under $10.

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