Straight From Your Kitchen: Top Tips for Making Perfect Pasta

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15 thoughts on “Straight From Your Kitchen: Top Tips for Making Perfect Pasta”

  1. I love homemade pasta it’s delicious. I don’t make it very often because I am impatient for it to dry so I can cook it but when I do it is 100 times better than anything from the store.

  2. I think my problem is I’m not kneading enough. Thanks for the great tips – I’ll definitely be using them this weekend when I make some pasta for the family!

  3. I jut made my first ever pasta from scratch last weekend and it actually turned out amazing. I do tend to struggle with the timing of the cook cycle from time to time though, so some of these tips will come in handy!

  4. I have never tried making homemade pasta. Had a friend that used to have a pasta attachment on her Kitchenaid and did it several times. She really enjoyed the process.

  5. We have made our own pasta quite a few times and I can not tell you how much I love it more than the boxed varieties. The tips you listed are fairly similar to what we do, but we heavily salt the cooking water.

  6. I’ve been thinking I need to get my mother-in-law a pasta attachment for her stand mixer. She’ll love making pasta from scratch.

  7. I have never tried to make my own pasta before. I will have to get the ingredients i need to make this on the weekend.

  8. Homemade pasta is the best and it’s really not that hard to make. I think people get a little scared of it but it’s really easy and so tasty.

  9. Love making my own pasta. However, now that my husband found out he has Celiac’s disease, I haven’t tried to make GF. However, this sound easy!

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