How To Look For The Ideal Cost Friendly And Effective Radiator

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14 thoughts on “How To Look For The Ideal Cost Friendly And Effective Radiator”

  1. We have a central heating system in our house, so I honestly do not know if that means we have a radiator or not. I can say that I am always cold, even when the heat is turned up nice and toasty!

  2. Our house has forced hot air, so we don’t have radiators. All our heat comes out of vents in the wall.

  3. Part of the problem with radiators is that they tend to just stand out and look ugly wherever you put them. These are absolutely fabulous and beautiful.

  4. I truly had no idea there were so many choices. HA! When I think about a radiator, I have always just thought of those old fashioned ones. HA! Thanks so much for sharing

  5. I had no idea radiators came in so many different styles and varieties! This was an interesting blog to read. If I ever need a radiator, I’ll be set now. 🙂

  6. We have cast iron in our home. They might look antique but they really are the best when it comes to heating up a home.

  7. Since we live in Florida, we don’t have a need for a radiator, but never knew there were so many to choose from! If I had to choose, I would say a cast iron.

  8. I had no idea there were so many different types of radiators! Thanks for the great info about each one….this was really interesting!

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