Lendogram for iOS- An App for Parents

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22 thoughts on “Lendogram for iOS- An App for Parents”

  1. Lendogram is a genius app! I love how it keeps tracks of the items for you. It’s great that users can find new homes for items they no longer need.

    1. Yes Liz, that’s what we’re used to because it’s awkward to ask for something back or in some cases remember who borrowed what. Lendogram keeps track of who borrowed what and will send reminders to your friends to bring what you need back. When I know I will get my stuff back, I’m more inclined to share more.
      I’d love to hear your feedback on this app and whether it helps you share what you want back 😉

  2. What a neat app to help you keep track of who was given what to borrow. I’m at the point of giving away the smaller sizes, but there were times when we let someone borrow a ‘dress’ outfit for boys and forgot who had it to get it back.

  3. That is such a smart way to lend and keep track of your stuff. I am trying to get rid of a lot of things but I bet I could lend it too!

  4. I’m totally going to tell my moms group about this. We always are talking about the abundance of kids stuff we have that we no longer use.

  5. I know I forget who I let borrow this item or that item all the time. What a great idea for an app. I’ll definitely check it out!

  6. What a great idea!! I could use this to keep track of who is borrowing our stuff, we love to share but sometimes we forget were it went to.

  7. What a great idea! Especially for houses that have kids… our daughters often lend out clothing and books to friends and this would help keep track of things better.

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