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21 thoughts on “Keep Good Going: Life Lessons Gone Good”

  1. I’m now a work at home mom and I’m so much happier than when I was teaching! My hubby would be a great SAHD, but well, he makes more money:)

  2. I left a high powered job to be home with my family – a simpler less stressful life. I had lost my way – my priorities were a little off key! My work was all I did – my family was left behind. I had worked so much they were passing me by. I now work a simple part time job and spend the rest of my time with my hubby, grown children and grandchildren. I love it…I am living a dream.

  3. Wow, what an awesome dad! It’s funny, my hubby has been laid off since Dec. and I am really enjoying him being home and seeing the difference it makes with the kids having him present so much more. He’s going back to work in August and as much as we need him to, I have contemplated having him stay home longer and join me at working at home.

  4. This seems to be becoming more common with men choosing to stay at home and raise the kids. I need to get me one of these husbands.

  5. I am a stay at home mom and staying home was the BEST decision that I have ever made. My hubby would love to stay home, but he is the breadwinner 🙂

  6. My children are older now but my husband and I both worked while they were younger. We made the most of the time we had with them but I would have loved to stay home with them.

  7. I can completely relate. I left a job making 60,000 + a year to stay home with my kids. At first I started my own photography business thinking that would be a good option to make $ but still be home. It wasn’t long before I realized it took more time to do that than when I was working. So I soon stopped that as well. I am now in direct sales. I do work a few hours (like 2 or maybe 3 hrs) when my kids are up because I homeschool.

  8. I’d love to stay home FT, but I don’t make enough for groceries working at home, much less everything else. 😉 So hubs has been throwing hints around for awhile that it’s time to get back out there. I like working too, a lot. I just like being home better. It’s never an issue that I get to see the sports events, music recitals, school gatherings, etc. That’s been golden to me. 🙂

  9. Loved that video. My husband works a job that takes him away for months at a time from my family so that I may stay home to be with my boys. I am so grateful for that.

  10. What a sweet video! I have tried telling my husband he would make a great SAHD. I am going to show him this!

  11. This is a very impressive story and thank you for sharing the video! Make me want to do more in good in life – can’t we all? 🙂

  12. I love hearing stories of men being Stay-A-Home Dads…I think some people are oblivious that could be an option. He looked so happy and whatever works for the family is a blessing either way! Touching video.

  13. My kids are adults now but when they were young, I went to 12 hour nights so that either my husband or I were always home with them. It was not easy but it worked for us and we knew they were in good hands.

  14. I’ve been staying home with our kids for four years, but it seems like more men are starting to do it. It’s nice if they are able to.

  15. I’ve been at SAHM for four years now and I love it. I see more and more men staying home these days. Good for those who have the means.

  16. My husband would gladly be a stay at home dad if it worked for us financially. He adores spending days with his children.

  17. I can certainly relate. I’m a former television writer-producer and now I stay home with my kids. It’s changed our lives in the best way.

  18. I LOVE being a work at home mom. It can be stressful at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I can bring in a good income but spend TONS of time with my kids at the SAME TIME

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