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6 thoughts on “How Will You Discuss Drugs & Alcohol with Your Kids?”

  1. We’ve already spoken to our 8 year old about drugs and alcohol. We’ve told him how wrong it is for someone to drink and drive and that drugs can kill people. He also gets upset when he sees someone smoking cigarettes. We hope he stays with this mindset through the teen peer pressure years!

  2. I will talk to my kids about drugs the same way my father did with me. My explained to me that drugs can kill teenagers. He then had me watch a show about this teenager that died while experimenting with drugs. I declined drugs when given the chance to use them. Alcohol is a whole different story. It seems like (especially where we live) it is SO common for kids to throw drinking parties. Binge drinking kill teenagers as well. I suppose all I can do is talk to them and offer that they have friends over to do “safe” and “fun” activities and not to give in to what others are doing. Also it helps to have them occupied with sports- where drinking and using drugs is prohibited. If caught they actually get kicked off the team.

  3. my husband and I enjoy having a few beers every weekend, and because of that hopefully my daughter will see that you can be responsible with your alcohol. She is only 3, but it’s still important to be a role model at that age with alcohol. Once she is school aged we’ll talk about drugs and why they’re not good. I am not going to be the parent that enables a teen to drink, but as we all know, we all find our ways to do it. The most important thing I will convey to her as a teen is that she should NEVER get in a car to drive after drinking or ride in a car with someone who has been.

  4. i was like you… i was a beer drinker. Hopefully when the times comes I will figure it out.. right now im pregnant so im not to worried

  5. I am not sure really. I know when Noah is 15 I will sit him down and make him watch Requiem for a Dream. It’s a movie that shows the effects of drug use. I will also have him watch Cartoon All Stars too when he is a little bit older.

  6. I think it’s important to sit them down at an early age and discuss the effects that drugs and alcohol can have, and how it could kill you eventually and lead to other diseases that were easily preventable. Have an open relationship and your children will discuss any issues that will come up.

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