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4 thoughts on “At What Age Did You Let Your Children Walk Stores Alone?”

  1. Well of course Noah is 5 so I am not going to worry about that for a few years. I wouldn’t let my child go on the other side of the store when he was 9. I wold want to be able to see him and make sure nothing happened to him. When we were kids it was so much different.

  2. My sons are 8 and almost 7 and my daughter is 2. My 8 year old is getting to an age where he thinks I’m over-protective and thinks he should be allowed to go places by himself. I don’t feel comfortable with him walking the streets by himself. There are too many predators out there. It’s better to be safe than sorry, I’d say.

  3. Im kinda overprotective w/ the kids at times, they are really never outta my sight! Ill admit it- LOL….but you have to be these days!! I remember walking down to Coronis market by myself or w/ friends at a young age- Im just a worrier by nature 🙂

  4. It really all depends on the age- but I couldn’t feel at ease with a 5 year old walking the store alone. If I was in the store too I don’t think I’d have a problem with a ten year old in the toy aisle while I shop around.

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