Hacks to Help the Family Fund Stretch Further


We all know how expensive it can be to raise. A family. That’s why I want to share with you my thoughts and musings on how you can make your money go that little bit further. Check out my suggestions here, and try to use them as best you can.

Approach the Family Car Differently



The family car is like the family dog these days. It’s as much a part of your lives as anything else. And, for many of us, the family car is a crucial tool for helping us on a daily basis. The other problem is that it’s a huge drain on finances. So, you’ve got to think about how it’s best to reduce these costs and make savings. Right, first off, you need to make sure you choose a reliable and fuel-efficient car. These should be the two main focal points for a family car. Everything else comes second. It’s also worth seeing if you can get a lower insurance premium as well. I would also recommend finding a really great mechanic or garage. Visit www.whocanfixmycar.com and see the way they do things, and how they compare with others. By getting the right mechanic, you can save money long-term on the car. It saves it from developing a lot of problems and having to shell out frequent costs to get the car back to normal.

Hit the Charity Shops



If you’re one of those people who loves a bargain, then I can’t recommend charity shops enough. You can find so many things for a steal if you shop the charity stores effectively. Choose a few and make the rounds so you can see what there is to offer. Things like clothes, shoes, books and kitchen items would be perfect for charity shop bargains. As a parent, I have come to appreciate that charity shops offer a great range and that they’re easy on the purse as well! So, this is a really good source of saving the pennies, and you need to try to make use of it as much as you can.

Save Money Around the House



One of the best ways for struggling families to penny pinch these days is to look at saving money around the house. There are plenty of things you’re going to need to do to help you save money around the home. I think it’s important for all parents to look for ways of making savings. Sometimes it can be easy, and sometimes it’s hard. But, the point is that every little helps. Of course, stuff like solar power and green energy will really help you, but you may not have the money to implement this in the home. That’s why I’ll talk about things that are more achievable and affordable first. I have managed to save us cash in the family home by making use of hand-me-downs, upcycling and planning our meals. I would also highly recommend things like SodaStream to save on the costs of fizzy drinks. When you go shopping for food you need to stick only to the essentials and make sure you don’t buy too much junk.

The family fund seems to be always down to their dregs. There are so many costs that you have to cover and the kids always require more and more stuff. So, I have come up with a few ideas that we use in my house to make the fund stretch further.

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